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All You Need to Know About the KYC Process at Social Tournaments

Social Tournaments is a free to register platform where players are welcomed to join our free slot tournaments to win some extra cash and up their slot experience on a highly gamified platform that keeps expanding by the season.  

Your journey at Social Tournaments starts with registration. If you have a valid email account, live in a country where our services are available, and are over 18, you are free to join our slots tournaments platform. 

After you have successfully registered, you can go ahead and play as many slot tournaments as possible, dive into the Social Pass, join a faction, or start dueling with your fellow players. See? We told you there are lots to do! 

Winning a slot tournament is when the KYC process kicks in. Specifically, you should start verifying your account, so that you can withdraw your winnings peacefully. You can also begin the KYC process after registration – there’s no rule that says you aren’t allowed to verify your account before you win! 

We know players can always check the Winners Guide for more details about the steps to follow when they win, but let’s go over them once more – there’s no harm in reviewing them more times. 

Social Tournaments KYC Steps 

The KYC process, also known as the Know Your Customer process, it’s a way for us to get to know you better and make sure the win doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

ID Validation 

The first step in the KYC process is verifying your ID by sending us a picture/ scan of an official ID, such as a national ID, passport, or driver’s license to [email protected] Please make sure your full name and your date of birth are visible.  

Address Validation  

At this step, we need to check if you are a resident of a country where Social Tournaments is legal and available. To do that, we’ll need a digital version/ photo of a recent bill that is registered to your current address, and it has been issued less than 90 days ago. Utility bills or bank statements will do the trick perfectly. 

However, we only require proof of residing address on the following occasions: 

  • if you are a citizen of a restricted country, but your current residence is in another country 
  • if the country on your ID doesn’t match your current country of residence 

Payment Method Validation 

The last step of the KYC process is checking the payment method. There are many payment methods available on our platform, from the classic bank wire to e-Wallets and even some crypto options. Depending on the chosen payment method, you need to send one of the following documents to [email protected]: 

  • e-Wallets – players who opt for Neteller, Skrill, or PayPal need to send a screenshot of their account with the name and e-wallet email address visible 
  • Bank Wire – a screenshot with the player’s online bank account where the name, IBAN, and BIC/ SWIFT are visible will do to verify a bank wire account 
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT – the lives of crypto players will be a bit easier in terms of payouts. Your payment method will be automatically verified. However, you’ll still need to send proof of ID and of address to our KYC team 
  • Casino – similar to the other payment methods, if you select the Casino payment method, you’ll have to send us a screenshot of your casino account profile with your User ID or username. 

If you ticked all steps above, you could rest assured your account is verified, and you’ll receive all your winnings without any problems. The payout lists are generated every Monday around 16 UTC, with prizes being sent out every Wednesday and Thursday. However, please take into account that receiving your prize might take up to 10 days. 

All questions about the KYC process can be sent to [email protected], where our colleagues will be more than happy to help out!