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How to Redeem Code on Social Tournaments


If you’ve been with us for long enough, you might have heard about the mighty codes everybody’s after. They are often the main topic in our Discord community and appear in the most frequent questions we receive. To clear up any misconceptions you might have about our codes, let’s reveal the mystery surrounding them with a short guide on how to redeem a Social Tournaments code. 

What is a Social Tournaments Code 

A Social Tournaments redeem code 2021 is a special word or a combination of words that awards a special Ticket that can be used to join a special free slot tournament that can’t be joined any other way. 

Where to find a Social Tournaments Code 

Social Tournaments codes can be found mostly in our Newsletters – we give out one code in each Newsletter on Thursdays. By redeeming this code, you get a Newsletter Ticket, which can be used to play the Newsletter Tournament. However, there are other occasions we give out codes, you just need to keep your eyes peeled for them. 

How to redeem a Social Tournaments Code 2021 

Redeeming a SocialTournaments code is a piece of cake if you know the steps: 

  • Step 1: Create an account & Subscribe to our Newsletter – to redeem code Social Tournament you’ll need to sign up first 
  • Step 2: Wait for the Newsletter to arrive in your inbox on Thursday and copy the code at the end of all announcements. Another place you can find codes is in our articles 
  • Step 3: Go to your Collections under Social Pass 

You can also redeem the code directly from homepage, by clicking on your username, and then scrolling down until you find the Redeem Code section. If you redeem the code before the tournament starts, you will be able to see it on the Schedule page 24h prior to its starting date. 

  • Step 4: Paste (or type) the code in the redeem code bar in the upper-right corner, then click ‘Redeem’, just like shown in the example below. Please note that ‘code-here’ isn’t a real code, it’s just as an example. So, pasting it in the redeem code bar won’t grant you any prize

  • Step 5: You can check out the new ticket in ‘Tickets’ or you can go and click on the tournament that requires the said ticket. You will be asked if you want to use the ticket from your inventory to join the tournament. Click on ‘Use Ticket and Join’ and spin your way up the leaderboard! 

Redeeming a code at Social Tournaments might seem tricky at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll be redeeming codes with such ease you won’t believe it!