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4.8M € Paid out prize in total
301,136 Winners
516 Players Online
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Type Total Win
Start Time 07.16 00:00 UTC
End Time 08.15 23:59 UTC
Spins 300
Bet Level $1.00
20,000 € Monthly Tournament ENDS IN
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Social Tournaments - Pragmatic Play Slots - Free Slots Tournaments is an innovative online gambling platform where players over the age of 18 years can join and play for free, with a view to winning real cash prizes whilst enjoying Pragmatic Play’s incredible Video Slot creations. Every player is granted an opportunity to earn a share of the monthly prize pool of over €40,000! The Social Tournaments experience is ideal for those that are looking to play and be challenged with the endless supply of online slot competitions on offer, whilst enjoying every moment in a fair and trustworthy environment with other players from across the globe. 

The name Social Tournaments is code for spinning, winning and making a name for yourself as you excel within the world of online video slots. You test yourself with the tournaments, you sit with the slots and you can socialise via the Discord. Dream no more, for you may find yourself listed on the Social Tournaments Leaderboard at any given moment, and there’s a whole host of Real Money Prizes to be won. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the golden days, as this is when the prizes are awarded. So, to up your chances of winning big cash prizes, be sure to keep playing those Tournaments!

Slots tournaments free aside, there are many other ways to be rewarded whilst being logged in via the Social Tournaments login. The Login Reward program can add more COINS to your collect and more rewards to your life, in the form of Prize Wheel, Tournament Tickets to, Coins, and Cash Prizes. The COINS can be used in the Social Tournaments Store to purchase anything you desire, from Prize Wheels, Tickets, Lootboxes and limited edition Social Tournaments Merchandise.

There’s a library loaded with reviews of Pragmatic Play Slot Demo which are available to play at Social Tournaments. Expect some tips, tricks, general highlights and the option to try your hand at the Slot Demo Game. It’s always best to take every slot for a test drive, to see if it’s the one for you. 

Slots Tournaments

There are a wide range of different free slot tournaments win real money available to play. There are 24-hour Slot Tournaments where a player has the chance of winning real money. There are also Slot Tournaments where the player can win a Ticket to the Monthly Tournament that has a total Prize Pool of €8,000, or a Ticket to the Weekly Finals that are held on Sundays and are sponsored by one of our tournaments casino partners. The Weekly Final has a Total Prize Pool of €2,000. 

You can also expect to see some Special Tournaments, which are introduced every time Pragmatic Play releases a brand new Video Slot Game. These usually consist of three Extra Cash Tournaments where the Prize Pool is set to €200 for each Tournament. 

Cash Clash Free Slots No Deposit Feature 

We are known for our thrilling slots tournaments that come in many formats and with many mechanics. However, what if we told you there’s another way to play Pragmatic Play free slots – a way that’s closer to how they’re played at online casinos? 

With the new Cash Clash Feature, that’s now possible! 

The Cash Clash feature allows you to play free slots with bonus and free spins – no deposit needed! That’s right, with the Cash Clash Free Spins No Deposit feature, you can enjoy Pragmatic Play slots in a similar way to an online casino without making a deposit! Here’s how it works: 

  • Upon login, all players receive a daily award of 1000 Social Tournaments Cash (STC) – a newly introduced currency available only with the Cash Clash Feature 
  • The 1000 STC will be added to your Balance that’s visible on the Cash Clash Page 
  • On this page, you’ll see 10 Pragmatic Play free slots you can play with STC as currency 
  • Each game runs for a specific amount of time, so your goal is to increase your balance and land a cash prize on the leaderboard 
  • Amongst the perks of this new feature are the bet changing option (you can adjust your bet using the two inside-game “+” and “-” buttons) and game switching option (you can select another Pragmatic slot to play, and your balance will move along 
  • Balance resets are also available via the Reset Balance Button right by your balance or the Cash Clash Reset Ticket from the Social Tournaments Store. The balance recharge of 1000 STC costs 2000 coins regardless of the option you choose. 

Enjoy a new way to play Pragmatic Play slots no deposit with the new Cash Clash feature! Read more about how to play Cash Clash Social Tournaments in our guide.  

Slots Tournaments Duels

Guided by our desire to create the best free slots tournaments in the industry, we decided to take the exquisite experience provided by Pragmatic slots up a notch with more immersive player-vs-player or players-vs-players experiences.

Inspired by the Wild West, the Social Tournaments Duels come in four formats with more to come!

  • Slot Tournaments Duels 1v1 – the 1v1 Duels are online slot tournaments with a twist. If our slots tournaments have a start and end date & time, Duels can be joined anytime you want. This type of duel in particular sees two players duelling on the same Pragmatic Play, each trying to get their hands on the 1900 coins Prize pool. To join the Social Tournaments Duels, you are required a 1000 coins Buy In and a 50 coins rake. The average waiting time gets updated frequently, while the duration of a tournament is 30 minutes. Basically, you’ll have to try and land a higher score than your opponent in the 30 minutes given.
  • Slot Tournaments Duels 2v2 – this slot tournament has a stronger social touch, meaning you’ll need to join it with another player. You can team up with a friend using the Join with friend option, or you can let the algorithm choose a player randomly. Either way, the requirements for Social Tournaments 2vs2 Duels stay the same: 2000 coins Buy In (no rake applied here). The 8000 coins prize pool is split between the two winners.
  • Slot Tournaments Weekly Race – this is one of the latest slots tournaments duels we added, and is slightly different than the other two. Firstly, it runs from Monday to Sunday, with the leaderboard being built based on the slot tournaments you play in a day – the first 5 duels in a day will be taken into account. Joining requirements consist of a 500 coins buy in and a 25 coins rake, while the prize pool of 950 coins is awarded to the best players.
  • Slot Tournaments Daily Race – very similar to the Weekly Race, the Daily Race runs for 24 hours every day and features a special requirement to join: you need to have completed 10 normal tournaments in the past 7 days. The beauty of this slot tournament is that it’s free to join and players get 2 attempts to fight for the €100 daily prize pool.

All Social Tournaments Duels offer unique experiences and are designed with the player in mind. To make sure you enjoy it to the fullest, make sure you know how to play Social Tournaments duels.

Social Pass

When players participate in the tournaments that run daily, they also complete daily, weekly, and monthly missions using the Social Pass. This awards Coins to spend in our Store and experience to level up with the Social Pass. For each level obtained there are rewards granted, such as Golden Tickets, Lootboxes, Coins and Prize Wheels.

Buddy Pass

The Buddy Pass is a feature that rewards players who invite their friends and relatives to join Social Tournaments. Players will receive a personalised URL that they can share with their friends and relatives. Every time a friend clicks on the link, signs up and passes the KYC process, the person who invited them will earn a great reward. Thrilling surprises await for both you and your friend, from Newbie Tickets to a share of your friend’s winnings! 

So, invite your friends today and start getting those rewards! 

KYC Social Tournaments 

The KYC process is our form of getting to know you. The Social Tournaments KYC basically means Social Tournaments Know Your Customer, which translates to an easy-to-follow process through which you have your account checked so that you are fully prepared to cash out a big win!  

In simple terms, the whole KYC at procedure consists of an email with three attachments sent to kyc[at] This is what you need to attach:  

  • ID Validation – The first document that needs to be verified is your ID card. To do that, you can send us a picture or scan of any form of official ID. The purpose of this step is to ensure you are 18 or above. 
  • Address Validation – this is mandatory only for players who are citizens of a restricted country currently living in another country and for those whose ID country doesn’t match the country they currently live in. The reason we need this information is to make sure you are a resident of a country where Social Tournaments is legal and available. Digital versions or photos of recent utility bills or bank statements are all we require.  
  • Payment method Validation – the reason we need to verify your payment method is quite obvious, right? We want to be sure the prizes you win are sent to the correct account. Depending on the chosen payment method, we’ll need different documents.  

This is just a quick peek of the KYC process, for a full overview, please check the Winner’s Guide or contact our KYC team at kyc[at] 

Support at Social Tournaments 

Our support team is here whenever in need. They know the product and its services by heart, so they’re the ones you should go to regarding any issues you might have with our tournaments, points, coins, etc. We strongly advice you to drop them a line at support[at] if you have any questions regarding our platform. 

Social Tournaments Redeem Code  

Codes are one of the pillars of our platform. They can grant you a ticket to a specific free slot tournament, or they can even award juicy prizes. A social tournaments code can be found either in our Newsletter, granting you access to the Exclusive Newsletter Tournament, or in other pieces of content on our website, like our Pragmatic Play Slots Demo page or our Articles.  

Let’s say you got your hands on a code – hurray, congratulations! Now what? We tell you what – it’s time to redeem it. The social tournaments redeem code 2021 process isn’t as hard as it might sound.  

First, you need to have an account, so better sign in now, if you don’t have one already. Second, you need to pass the KYC process. Then, once you are all verified, you need to find the redeem code area. Under ‘Social Pass’ – ‘Collections’ you’ll find the social tournaments redeem code area in the upper right corner. Now all that’s left is to copy/ paste the code in the ‘Redeem Code’ bar and get your much-desired award!  

For more details, you can read our social tournaments redeem code 2021 guide. 

Types of free slot tournaments available at Social Tournaments  

Social Tournaments offers a wide range of free slot tournaments win real money to choose from, with different mechanisms to keep players happily coming back. In a nutshell, there are four types of slots tournaments free with different mechanics: Total Win, Multiplier Win, Bonus Buy, and Mission.   

  1. Total Win Free Slot Tournament – this is the clearest mechanism in our offer, as it’s similar to how online slots work. Basically, you have a preset number of spins and a fixed bet level. Your final score is the sum you win over the spins.  
  2. Multiplier Win Free Slot Tournament – takes into account only the highest multiplier you hit during the given spins. So, your final score will be equal to the highest multiplier you hit.  
  3. Bonus Buy Free Slot Tournament – this is a unique slot tournament free, as it can only be applied to a particular game mechanic: the Bonus Buy one. That’s why you will find slots tournaments free with specific online slots like the Sweet Bonanza slot or the Gates of Olympus slot. This type of slot tournament offers 10 Bonus Buy opportunities, with 10 free spins each, which means a total of 100 free spins. The beauty of this tournament is that it can integrate both Total Win and Multiplier Win varieties.   
  4. Mission Free Slot Tournament – this slot tournament has a missions’ system at its core. You basically need to collect points by completing the missions available in your Social Pass.  

Besides the mechanics-based tournaments, Social Tournaments also has time-based slot tournaments:  

  • Monthly Slot Tournament – lasts for a whole month, boasts the largest prize pool of all tournament slots free, and requires a Golden Ticket to join.   
  • Golden Ticket Slot Tournament – awards Golden Tickets which can be used to play the Monthly Slot Tournament.  
  • Weekly Qualifier Slot Tournament – this is the extra step you need to make to enter the Weekly Final Tournament. The Weekly Qualifier runs from Monday to Sunday, and awards a Qualifying Ticket you can use to play the Weekly Final Tournament.  
  • Coins Buy-in Progressive Pool Slot Tournament – can be joined if you pay a certain amount of coins, and features a prize pool of coins that increases based on the number of participants.  
  • Special Slot Tournament – this tournament slot online gratis can take various forms, based on season or themes.  
  • Weekly Final Slot Tournament – runs every Sunday for 24h and provides the highest prize pool of all the other week free slot tournaments win real money.  
  • Turbo Slot Tournament – allows players to reset their score as many times as they want until they are happy with the result.  

More details about our slot tournaments can be found in our free slot tournaments guide. 

Social Tournaments Prize Wheels  

What can be more exhilarating than watching a wheel spin and holding your breaths until it stops? Social Tournaments offers three types of Prize Wheels loaded with coins, slot tournament tickets, Lootboxes, and free money prizes!  

To claim a Prize Wheel, you first need to access the Login Reward System daily or buy them from the store. The wheels also come with an upgrade twist – if a player lands on the ‘upgrade’ segment of the wheel, he will be taken to the next prize wheel in line, with the chance to spin it. Keep in mind that Upgrades apply only to Rare and Epic Wheels.  

You can purchase (or win) one of the following wheels:  

Rare Prize Wheel  

Costs 1,500 coins in the store, and awards up to 11,250 coins, Golden Tickets and Lootboxes. It can also be upgraded to the Epic level.  

Epic Prize Wheel  

Offers juicier prizes than its little blue sister. This wheel can be bought from the store with 3,000 coins and can award a max of 22,500 coins, along with Golden Tickets.  

Legendary Prize Wheel  

The King of Prize Wheels, the Legendary Prize Wheel can be yours for 6,000 coins. However, don’t think of how many coins you are losing, but of how much you can win: up to 45,000!  

Interested in more? Read our Prize Wheels guide! 

Social Tournaments Store  

The Social Tournaments Store is the place where you can exchange your coins for some sweet boosts that’ll level up your free tournaments for money experience!  

What can you buy from the store?  

Our store speaks in coins only, your real-world money has no power here! Coins can be won in various ways – from the 7-Day Login Program, a Prize Wheel, or a Coins Buy-in Progressive Pool Slot Tournament. But what can you actually purchase with those coins?  

  • Tickets – for the right amount of coins, tickets for any slot tournament online can be yours!  
  • Lootboxes – like kinder eggs, Lootboxes are full of surprises and prizes, including slot tournaments tickets, cash prizes, or emojis. You can buy any of the seven available types of Lootboxes (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Monday-to-Friday, Weekly) from our store.  
  • Prize Wheels – Rare, Epic and Legendary Prize Wheels can all be bought from the Social Tournaments store.  
  • Merchandise – from caps to hoodies, you can buy different clothing items from our store.  
  • Exclusive Avatars – if you want to stand out and have an avatar like nobody else, you can buy one from the store. They change every season and can be found only in our Store. 

Give our Social Tournaments Store Guide a read to find out more about what you can buy from our store! 

Social Tournaments Discord  

Although Social Tournaments hasn’t been on the market for that long, it has already gathered a beautiful community where players share their experiences and talk about the latest updates on the website.  

If you have a discord account and want to become part of our community, you can link your discord account to your Social Tournaments in a few easy steps. Follow the process in our Linking Discord Guide and join our Discord Social Tournament community. 

Online Casinos

Social Tournaments partners up with a wide range of Online Casinos, to offer our members, the best Casino deals possible. Our commitment to partnering with the best and most trustworthy Casinos ensures that we can offer an experience based on fair play, genuine support, and constant entertainment. 

A good Online Casino is easily spotted by their level of Service and Support. All Casinos Online is focusing on providing players with a genuine experience while Gambling Online. Usually, they offer the same Games from the same Providers. What makes them unique is their Welcome Bonuses, VIP programs, Promotions and immersive experiences. 

On our Casino Review Page you will find the best deals for Signing up and using Welcome Bonuses with our Casino Partners. There is also a review written for every Casino and the most crucial information about accepted countries, Deposit and Withdrawal Methods, as well as accepted currencies so that you can discover the best Casino and the best deal for you. 

Online Slots

Now for the best bit – online slots free. They are also referred to as Slots, Slot Games, Slot Machines or Video Slot Games. The most usual look of a Video Slot is a 3 row and 5-reel setup, but today they come in a lot of different forms and shapes: 3 reels and 3 rows; 4 rows and 5 reels; or Megaways – with up to 117,649 ways to win. 

Some Slot Games have regular play features where you play the game and hope to get into a Free Spins or Bonus Feature, while others give you the option to buy the Free Spins or Bonus Feature for an amount multiplied by the current stake. Games that don’t have a Free Spins Feature usually have a random base game feature to help players secure the big wins. 

Betting on Video Slots can range from €0.10 up to €500 per spin for some games. A bet should always reflect your budget for gambling and chasing losses is not something anyone should do. Do gamble responsibly and never for more than you can afford to lose. 

In the world of Slot Games, there are many different providers that develop Slots. Here at Social Tournaments, we exclusively have the best free online slots from Pragmatic Play (6 Jokers Demo, Samurai Code Demo, Crank It Up Demo, Sweet Kingdom Demo, Hand of Midas 2 Demo, Mahjong Wins 2 Demo, Hot to Burn Multiplier Demo, Buffalo King Untamed Megaways Demo, Medusa’s Stone Demo, Devilicious Demo, Wildies Demo, Sweet Bonanza 1000 Demo) one of the most reputable and fastest-growing providers in the iGaming industry. In their portfolio you can find all sorts of free online slots, as Pragmatic slots are some of the most sought-after online slots on the market. Today Pragmatic Play has countless Video Slots and Games, but the portfolio keeps growing every week with epic new releases. 

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