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2v2 Friends Duels Now at Social Tournaments!

We’re all about keeping the fun and social aspect of tournaments on some of the best slots offered by Pragmatic Play – and to get more social, we’ve added a new feature that does just that! You can now invite and play against your friends, in exciting slot tournaments with Social Tournaments! With Faction Battles, and the 1v1 Feature, we decided to add more fun to all we have to offer, by allowing you to double up with your strongest teammate and battle the reels for awesome prizes! Let’s get into the details of this brilliant new feature! 

2 vs 2 Friends Duels – All You Need to Know 

This fantastic new feature allows players to team up with a friend and challenge other Friend teams to join a slot battle with the 2 vs 2 Friends Duels. To gain access to this feature, you’ll need to complete a few steps, and then you’re on your way to building teams and walking away with epic wins and all the bragging rights! The buy in amount for the 2 vs 2 Friends duels is set at 2000 coins, with each winning member walking away with 4000 coins! 

Follow these easy steps to join a friend in battling it out on the reels: 

  1. Enable ALL notifications underneath your Push Notification settings in your profile.

2. Check your “Friends” tab to make sure that the friends you’d like to team up with are connected to your profile. If not, enable the “Friend Request Agree” option and check your Friend Requests to accept those you’d like on your team.

3. Activate the notifications in your browser settings to make sure you receive the Duels Invitations from your friends, so you can get the reels spinning!

2 vs 2 Friends Duels – How to Invite your Friends

It’s important to note that you’ll only be able to access this feature, if you have at least one friend on your Social Tournaments account platform. Once you’ve added and accepted the various Friends you’d like, you can go ahead and join a 2 vs 2 Duel as follows:

  1. Go to the Duels Page and select the option that says “Join with a Friend”

2. Choose the friend you’d like to play with by clicking on the red figure with the plus sign as seen below or select “Join Solo” if you’d like to join the duels and battle with a stranger (who might just become your friend after an epic win!):

3. Your chosen friend will receive the following Notification on any page, on both their Desktop and Mobile devices. Once it is clicked on, you’ll be taken to the Duels page:

4. Once you get to the Duels Page, you or your friend will need to select the “Respond” option on the 2 vs 2 Duels option:

5. When the following pop-up message appears, select the “Play” button, or on the option to “Join Solo” if you’ve changed your mind – and that’s it, you’ve joined your first 2 vs 2 Duel and all that you’ll need to do is wait for the opposing pair of friends to join before the glorious battle that’ll take place on the reels!

Now that you know how to get in on the 2 vs 2 Duels at Social Tournaments, who will you invite to spin the reels as your worthy team mate?! Don’t forget that friends and family who have not yet joined Social Tournaments, can do so by making use of the Buddy Pass – which gets you a few added benefits too! Edit your settings and join in on the fun with the fantastic new feature at Social Tournaments, that’ll have you getting “social” with a couple of friends!