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Two new types of tournaments enter our family


By now we all got familiar with the types of tournaments you can play on, and we know you all have your own, personal favorite. Just like a mother who loves her children equally, we can’t choose a favorite tournament, we love them all the same. 

Some of our players have been saying that we need to have more tournaments, so that everyone can play at any time. That’s why we’d like to introduce 2 new types of tournaments in the Tournaments Familythe Discord Event Tournament and the Golden Ticket Tournament.  

The Discord Event Tournament

This is a 2-steps-tournament:

  • Step 1: it can be entered only if you have a special password you can find on our #special-event Discord Channel. So, the first step is to join our Discord Community and find the code.
  • Step 2: after you found the code, you need to insert it in the “Redeem Code” area on your “Collection” page. You’ll receive a special, Discord
    Event Ticket that you can use to play the Discord Event Tournament. You can enter this tournament by clicking the “Join By Ticket” button on “Homepage”. The Discord Event Tournament has a label that says “Claim Ticket in Discord”, so you’ll recognize it easily.

The Discord Event Tournament can be either a Total Win or a Multiplier Win, as any of our tournaments. 

The Golden Ticket Tournament 

This type of tournament lasts for 3 hours and can award you with a much-desired Golden Ticket. You can use the Golden Ticket you won to play our Monthly Tournament. One can say it’s like a quest with 2 missions: mission 1 – win a Golden Ticket in the Golden Ticket Tournament and mission 2 – use the Golden Ticket to join the Monthly Tournament and have a chance to win a bigger prize. The Golden Ticket Tournament can be easily spotted because it has a golden label that says “Win Tickets” on the side. This tournament can be played as a Total Win or a Multiplier Win Tournament. 

More tournaments, more fun 

Now that we have two more types of tournaments, you’ll have more chances to win big and have fun! Check our schedule and make sure you don’t miss any of our new (and old) tournaments.