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Season 5 is launched – Check out the new features!

Season 5 Launch Social Tournaments
Season 5 Launch Social Tournaments

We don’t think that anyone has missed the Season 5 launch almost a week ago with all its goodies and new features! But just in case let’s go through what has been updated in Season 5 and what new features have been implemented.

A lot of things we have done this season is based upon feedback from you guys, the members. We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions made by the community and we welcome more suggestions if you have them!

If you have feedback or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us through support[at] or write to us on our Discord Server.

New and more Missions

As you have probably noticed, we have revamped the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Missions to fit in better with the Social Pass and the Coins and Store system. Now you get 5 daily 5 Weekly and 2 Monthly missions that award both experience for leveling up the Social Pass and receiving Coins.

Daily Login rewards social tournaments

Login Rewards

With the Login Reward program, you get a reward for just logging in every day. All you need to do is visit the Social Tournaments website everyday and login to collect your reward. Logging in on the first day will start your reward streak! Logging in the second day gives you a two-day log in streak and a reward accordingly. For each day you log in you increase the streak and the rewards will get bigger and better. If you miss logging in one day the streak resets. There is a max streak of seven days!

Social Tournaments Store Categories

Social Tournaments Store

Finally, we have launched the Store and we hope that you guys are enjoying it so far. There are items such as Avatars that no longer are available through lootboxes, Golden Tickets for the Monthly Tournaments and the Weekly sponsored Tournament that takes place on Sundays.

You can buy the Seasonal Lootboxes which contains the new avatars and tickets. And soon there will be official Social Tournaments merchandise for you to grab and look dashing in! REPRESENT!

Essentially, everything in the Store is as Free as our tournaments but you need to collect Coins to spend from doing daily, weekly and monthly missions in the tournaments which are linked together with the Social Pass. You can also earn Coins from the Social Pass levels as you progress throughout the Season. The Coins is used as Currency in the Store.

Social Tournaments Prize wheels

The Prize Wheels

OOOOH! Prize Wheels, what is it? We’ll tell you! The Prize Wheel is an item you can procure through our store or through the daily login reward program you just read about.

There are three different Prize Wheels. Rare, Epic and Legendary. They will bring higher and better rewards depending on which rarity they are. The wheels can reward you with up to 30,000 Coins, amazing right? You can also win tickets to tournaments, Lootboxes and if you are lucky on the Legendary Wheel, a cash prize for up to €50! Check out the STORE to get the wheel of your choice.