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It’s time for a season change at Social Tournaments | Season 14!

Every 3 months we change Seasons here at Social Tournaments, and this time we’re heading head first into Season 14! This new season brings a few upgrades and a couple of changes to the way we do things – and they’re all for your benefit! While a few changes may be taking place, we’ve still got the best online slot entertainment you love in the many tournaments we have for you to play – so, let’s see what Season 14 has in store for you! 

Factions at Social Tournaments – Change Up Your Teams! 

Each new season players will be given the chance to spin the Faction wheel, and have themselves sorted into one of three teams (or factions) – for the chance to battle it out until the end of the current season! You can contribute to your Faction winning the season by playing slot tournaments, and if your Factions wins, everyone in your team will receive up to 50 000 coins! So, now that the new season is upon us, don’t forget to spin the wheel once you log in to see which Faction you’ll be sorted into for this season! 

Social Tournaments – Season 14 Upgrades! 

  • Bigger Prize Pools – Now that you know to check your Faction for the Season, let’s take a look at which upgrades we’ve made to our tournaments. Starting this season, the Prize Pool for the Tournament of the Month has been increased from €9000, to a massive €12 000! That means that you can win Lootboxes, Coins, and if you’re in the top 850 positions on the leaderboard you’ll walk away with Cash Prizes! 
  • Golden Ticket Tournaments – This Season we’re pumping up the chances to win by adding 50 Golden Tickets into the Golden Ticket Tournaments, so you can play and try your luck at winning them – to play some more! With an additional 500 places on the leaderboard for the Golden Ticket Tournaments, players now have an increased chance at winning! 

Now that you know what to expect this season, don’t forget to select your Faction of the season so you can contribute to the winning team and win your share of coins! With the bigger Prize Pool for Tournament of the Month, and additional Golden Tickets added to their Tournaments – this season is all about winning with Social Tournaments, and we sure hope you do just that!