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Silly Season has Social Tournaments keeping you entertained this December!

The start of Silly Season has begun and we’re in full swing in providing top tier entertainment this December for our players at Social Tournaments! After the 2022 World Cup left some of us with aching muscles and disappearing voices while screaming for our favourite teams, some of the exciting events at Social Tournaments this December have left others with juicy Prizes and even a Television set! The fun has only just begun and we’re exciting to give you a sneak peek into the line-up of events we have running as we break into 2023! 

Silly Season with Social Tournaments – Sneak Peek 

If you can’t get enough of the raffle draws, you might not have to wait long for a new one. This is to say, the Silly Season events might have something in common with the World Cup, as unprobeable as this might sound. Covering the second half of December, the Silly Season events are packed with unlimited spins and prizes, along with a ticket-collecting mechanism so popular amongst our players!  

What’s more, the entire celebration might end with a big bang, having you running to the Christmas tree and looking for Santa’s Great Gifts. 

So, wherever you’ll be this December, keep your eyes peeled to our News Page and your emails for all the information you’ll need on the upcoming events, where you could win humungous prizes, and your share of generous Prize Pools, with Silly Season at Social Tournaments! Did we get your attention? Stay tuned for – more details coming soon!