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A new faction system is now available for slots tournaments free fans!


The faction system has been in the gaming industry for a long time and, since our fanbase keeps growing at an impressive rate, we thought it was high time to group players in a way that makes their slot experience even more engaging. And, of course, a faction structure immediately came to mind. 

The factions have been implemented not that long ago, with the launch of our 10th Season, and, might we say, it hyped players up like nothing ever before! And for good reason – having the chance to team up with other players (maybe even your friends) it’s something you shouldn’t miss. 

But how can you join a faction, what can you do for it, and, more importantly, what’s in it for you? Have no fear, we have all answers! 

How to join a Faction 

Joining a faction on our free slot tournament platform is super-easy, as it basically requires just a click from your side. Minimum effort.  

When you log in for the first time since the factions have been launched, you’ll see a pop-up notification asking you to spin a wheel in order to determine your faction. The available factions for this season are John Hunter, Madame Destiny, and Zeus. 

If you missed the pop-up, a ‘Join a faction’ button is also available on the User Profile page. The Factions wheel will appear right away, keeping you in a bit of tension until it stops on a faction. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be staying in the chosen faction until the end of the season – nothing you can change here. 

What to do in a faction 

Being in a faction is very similar to being in any other real-life team; everybody needs to chip in and contribute to the wellbeing of the entire group.  

All points you gathered in the daily, weekly, and monthly missions will be added to the faction’s points pot. Naturally, the winner faction will be the one that collected the biggest number of points. 

Coin Prizes for all members! 

You, and your peers, will be greatly rewarded for your hard work over the entire season with Coin prizes:   

  • 1st place – each member will win 50,000 coins   
  • 2nd place – each member will win 25,000 coins   
  • 3rd place – each member will win 10,000 coins   

The prizes for each place on the podium can be found on the Factions page, right below the Top Contributors. 

Buckle up, start collecting points to get your faction to the top! Good luck to all players, and may the best faction walk away with the gold!