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One-of-a-kind games on SocialTournaments


There are over 90 games you can play on SocialTournaments and each one is special in its own way. Some, like Wild West Gold, take you to the lost times of saloons and guns when cowboys were looked at with both fear and admiration, while others invite you to discover the wonders of the Amerindian lands, as you can see in Bronco Spirit. 

If you’ve played our tournaments since the beginning (and we hope you did), you must have noticed that some games resemble each other in terms of features or themes. This is great news for players who love one kind of feature because they can play it in different environments, with different symbols and potential of winning. Still, there are exceptional games in SocialTournaments portfolio and here are four of them. 

1. Mysterious 

What makes this slot unique is the three play modes that can come to life on any spin. The Lord, Lady and Baron Modes can be triggered randomly and remain in play until a new mode is activated. A similar feature can be seen in Release the Kraken – on any spin, three tentacles appear on the screen and ask you to pick one in order to trigger a Random Feature. In Mysterious you are not able to choose the mode.

The Lady, Lord or Baron simply pop up on the screen and activate their feature. Also, in Mysterious a mode ends when another one starts, so there’s no way you can play without being under the protective wing of one of the three characters. 

2. Aztec Bonanza 

Aztec Bonanza invites you to a world of mystic symbols and sparkling gems where the top win can go up to 19,440.00x your stake. The Unlocking Symbols Feature is the one that gives this game its uniqueness. How does it work, you ask. The first screen shows you a screen with a 2-4-6-4-2 pattern. The grid opens up when you smash the stones that hide the corners of the reels. You need two winning tumbles to smash the top left corner and get all the Mystery Symbols on the screen replaced with paying ones.

Keep in mind that each corner reveals a specific, highly-awarding feature. Unlock all four corners and play on a full 5×6 grid with 7,776 ways to win. Let’s all thank the Aztec Gods for this astonishing gift! 

3. The Wild Machine 

What makes the doctor’s machine stand out is its shape-shifting ability. Don’t be fooled by the 5×5 grid you see when you open the game for the setup can change in a second. On any spin, the reels can turn into a 1x3x5x7x5x3x1 pattern where reels 1, 4 and 7 contain full Wild Symbols. The mad doctor is on your side and wants to reward you with the biggest win of up to 7,000.00x your bet. 

Both Aztec Bonanza and The Wild Machine use the same feature that can change the appearance of the reels, but they are different in the way you can determine this change.

In Aztec Bonanza the reel setup influences the potential to win of the game, whereas in The Wild Machine there are 40 paylines regardless of the number of reels or rows in play. Also, in The Wild Machine the reels can change randomly, while in Aztec Bonanza you need to land two consecutive winning tumbles to unlock one corner. Bottom line: same feature, different triggering methods.  

 4. Magic Journey 

The Monkey King arrived at a curious-looking slot and decided to give it a try. We don’t blame him, the Magic Journey reels do look unusual. You first notice a 3×3 reel format that, to your surprise, does not spin. The row below the 3×3 grid is the one that spins. The symbols that land on the 1×5 slot are highlighted in the above section. If you hit a winning combo, you are awarded a respin. Hurray! The maximum payout this game offers is up 400x your bet. That reel is truly magical. 

SocialTournaments has a diverse catalogue of slots to which new games are added almost weekly. There are more unparalleled games to join SocialTournaments, so stay close so you don’t miss them.