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Los premios en efectivo de este torneo se pagarán en el equivalente a Fasttoken (FTN).

Lea más sobre Fasttoken (FTN) en nuestra Guía de métodos de pago de Fasttoken (FTN).aquí

Usarás un ticket de tu inventario para participar en este torneo.

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Social Tournaments – Win More than just Money Prizes!

While you may be playing our exciting events on top Pragmatic Play online slots, to get your hands on the much-awaited free money prizes, there are other additional features that you can enjoy with us. With several rewards and promotions taking place daily, it’s important that you know how they work and what their benefits are, so you get the most out of your experience here at Social Tournaments. Let’s look at the lucrative Prize Wheel, the Daily Log in Rewards, and how the online store works.

Prize Wheels

If you’re looking to increase your gold coin balance with us here at Social Tournaments, you can purchase one of the thrilling Prize Wheels to get you there! There are two ways of getting the chance to spin the thrilling Prize Wheel, you can either access the everyday Login reward, by logging in and if there’s a Prize Wheel on offer for the reward to claim, you gain a spin! You can also purchase them with coins that you can earn through winning various tournaments or winning them in your Daily Log in rewards.

The Prize Wheel feature offers three variants that include the following:

Rare Prize Wheel:

  • Purchase for 1500 Coins
  • Win up to 11 250 Coins
  • Prizes include Golden Monthly Tickets, Lootboxes
  • If you land on the “Upgrade” segment, you’re automatically upgraded to an EPIC Prize Wheel

Epic Prize Wheel:

  • Purchase for 3 000 Coins
  • Win up to 22 500 Coins
  • Prizes include Golden Monthly Tickets
  • If you land on the “Upgrade” segment, you’ll instantly be upgraded to a Legendary Prize Wheel

Legendary Prize Wheel:

  • Win up to 45 000 Coins
  • Higher Chance of winning Exclusive Tournament Tickets, Cash Prizes and more!

Daily Rewards – Log-in Reward Program

The Log in Reward Program offers players rewards each time they log into their Social Tournaments account for the first time each day. Once you enter your log in details and access your Social Tournaments account, you’ll have the option to claim the reward for the day. The more you log in and are active on the account, the better the rewards become! Your level of activity is measured by a log in meter, with this being reset when you become inactive and can be filled for 7 days at a time – meaning it resets each week. Prizes in the Log in Reward Program range from gold coins to Prize Wheels and Lootboxes – all you need to do is log in each day and claim the reward before playing!

Online Store at Social Tournaments

With all the gold coins you can win through rewards, Prize Wheels, and Tournaments – you’ll need a place to spend it all and the online store is where this happens! Once you access the online store, your coin balance will be shown on the right side of the screen so you know how much you can spend – with the gold coins being the only form of currency used to transact in the store. The best way to increase your coins balance (aside from playing our spectacular tournaments and using the Log in Reward Program) – is to purchase a Prize Wheel and spin in the hopes of bagging up to 45 000 coins!

Items that can be purchased include:

  • Tournament Tickets which include the Golden Tickets for season’s Monthly Tournaments
  • Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Lootboxes filled with avatars, tournament tickets, cash prizes and emojis!
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Prize Wheels can be bought – and this is where your chances of increasing your gold coin balance can be purchased!
  • Merchandise – for our supportive players, why not purchase Social Tournaments T-shirts, Caps, and Hoodies? Please note that this is currently available in certain countries so before purchasing merchandise, make sure your region is eligible.

So now that you know how to make use of our spectacular Prize Wheels, exciting Log in Reward Program and how purchases can be made at our online store, all you need to do is log into your Social Tournaments account and make use of the top rewards on offer! P.S – Don’t forget to try and log-in each day so that your reward meter fills and the items you’re able to claim just get better as your loyalty increases!