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The Second Monthly Tournament started TODAY

As you already knowwe recently introduced a new type of tournament, the Monthly Tournament. You can enter it only if you have a Golden TicketThese tickets are not as hard to find as you might think; there are actually quite a few ways to get your hands on one or two. 

The first Monthly Tournament 

Our first Exclusive Tournament ended, and we can proudly say it was a success! Over 3,000 users joined it and had lots of fun playing Release the Kraken! The Prize Poll was much bigger compared to the other tournaments: 5,000 euros. Besides the cash prize, the winners were also awarded with a specific Reward Chest.  

We talked to some of our lovely players, and they told us the first Monthly Tournament was better than expected. 

Solon, one of our most devoted players, tells us that he really enjoyed playing the first Monthly Tournament “due to the larger prize pool and the more players getting money”. He thought that the Golden Ticket and the option to reset your score were pretty nice twists. We’re always happy when our players are happy. 

Bredell was into the fact that now there’s a tournament going on for a longer period of time”. The “Golden-Ticket-entry” rule made him become even more involved and eager to complete the daily, weekly and monthly Social Pass challenges. Bredell already tried the new Golden Ticket Tournament, and he’s excited about it: “Now with the Golden Ticket tournament I guess we will have even more chances of getting more tickets to try to get a higher monthly tournament score!”. He recommended this type of Tournament (and to all his friends, because “It’s a wonderful community!”.  

Ananas, the third player we talked to, thinks the “try-again-and-improve-your-score” option offered is the real improvement. He kept a look out for each Golden Ticket, to have more chances to win. “I dont usually have good luck, but with the “retry possibility even I have some chance to win something”. Don’t worry, Ananas, you’ll win a prize for sure! 

The Second Monthly Tournament is LIVE 

The SECOND Monthly Tournament started today, so go ahead and play it! The slot game for this month’s Exclusive Tournament is the enigmatic Mysterious slot. This game has all the reasons to become your favourite: 4,096 ways to win, 3 Random Modifiers and 2 types of Free Spins Features. 

Grab a Golden Ticket (you can join our Discord and get one from our #giveaways channel) and join the New Mysterious Monthly Tournament! Don’t waste precious time!