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The New April’s Tournament is ON


One of the newest types of tournaments is the Monthly Tournament. Thanks to its 1-month duration and its bigger prize pool, this kind of tournament really catches your eye. It is also displayed on the left side, taking up almost 1/3 of the screen, so it’s pretty hard to miss it.

March’s Tournament ended on the 12th of April in a round of applause from our players. The Mysterious Tournament had a prize pool of up to 5,000 euros. Besides the cash prize, winners also received a specific Reward Chest which gave them the opportunity to win a new Golden Ticket and play the new tournament.

The first five winners made it to the top with 564.450, 380.400, 271.250, 269.750 and 246.250 points respectively. With Golden Tickets in their pockets, Przemos, grzala, grejt79, Jenga123 and mikkoza didn’t give up and solved the Mysterious puzzle. Once you get in possession of a Golden Ticket nothing is impossible.

A new April’s tournament has already been set up on our homepage. With an RTP of 96.51%, a high volatility and two sensational features, Wild West Gold gives all you all the tricks to rank as high as possible in our Leaderboard. Remember: in order to join the Wild West Gold Monthly Tournament, you need a Golden Ticket. The prize pool is 5,000 euros, just like the one in March.


Play (and replay) April’s Tournament as many times you can and win a delicious piece of the 5,000 euros pie. Use your Golden Tickets until the 12th of May 23:59:59 UTC and get awarded with a few extra cash. Yehaaa! You go, cowboy/ cowgirl!