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The Mission Tournament, a new type of tournament from SocialTournaments

mission tournament-banner
mission tournament-banner

The Mission Tournament is a new type of tournament implemented in Season 3. As its name suggests, it works based on a system of missions. Additionally, this new tournament has an amazing Booster featureLet’s take the missions system and the Booster independently and explain how they work together.  


The mission system  

Besides the Daily, Weekly and Monthly challenges you are familiar with, the Mission Tournament has four challenges that reward points. Thus, the Leaderboard is built based on these points.  

The four missions reward points as follows:  

  • Win 3 times in a row – rewards 140 pts  
  • Win 2 times between certain limits – rewards 300 pts  
  • Win over between certain limits – rewards 50 pts  
  • Lose 3 times in a row – rewards 70 pts  


When the Booster is activated the number of points you win is doubled or even tripled for the next 20 spins 

  • Win 3 times in a row – rewards 420 pts  
  • Win 2 times between certain limits – rewards 900 pts  
  • Win over between certain limits – rewards 1,500 pts 
  • Lose 3 times in a row – rewards 210 pts 


How does a Booster work?  

A Booster can be activated if or when you have collected 30 Booster points. You collect Booster points each time you are on a streak and the counter for the mission Win 3 times in a row“ or “Lose 3 times in a row“ resets to the initial value. Let’s take an example: you won 2 times in a row, so you have 1 more win to get 140 points. But, on the 3rd spin, you lose. Thus, the Booster collects 2 points. In other words, the Booster rewards you when you “almost” completed a mission.   

Activate the Booster and you get 20 Spins with a bigger amount of points as rewards 

Here’s what the Mission Tournament is about in a nutshell: 

  • The Mission Tournament is based on a system consisting of four missions  
  • Complete the missions, win points and get a high place on the Leaderboard 
  • Activate the Booster by collection 30 Booster points and play 20 spins with the missions rewarding a higher amount of points 


You have your missions, agent Player. Get in the gamecomplete the four missions and become #1. Unlock the Booster and win more points to get at the top of the Leaderboard faster.