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  1. The Gates of Olympus™ Social Tournament (the “Tournament”) is a Free to Play tournament for a chance to win real cash or tech prizes when ranked in the top 47 positions on the leaderboard.
  2. To participate in the Tournament, the participants (also referred to herein as “you”, “your”) hereby consent to (i) these Terms and Conditions and any other supplementary conditions and rules which may be issued by Social Tournaments (also referred herein as “we”, “us”, “our”) from time to time and (ii) Social Tournaments’ (and any of its authorized processors) processing of your personal data pursuant to the provisions of any and all applicable laws and in accordance with Social Tournaments’ Privacy Policy.
  3. The Tournament runs from the 1st of July 2024, 00:01 GMT+2, to the 31st of July 2024, 23:59 GMT+2.
  4. Participants must be over the age of 18 to participate in this T
  5. The Tournament is open to South African registered Social Tournaments users.
  6. To participate in this Tournament, the participant must follow @pragmatic_play_africa on Instagram and click the link in Social Tournaments Africa’s Instagram account bio. The participant will then be redirected to the platform where the participant will register if the participant is a first-time user OR log in if the participant is an existing user.
  7. To ensure fair play, each participant is entitled to one account registered only with their personal email address. All accounts of a player with duplicate accounts will be disqualified without any notice and prizes will be forfeited.
  8. The Tournament (exclusive to South Africa), will be displayed in the hero tile as well as on the daily reward pop-up for the duration of the Tournament (stipulated at point 3 herein).
  9. Participants will each receive 250 free spins to play the
  10. The Tournament is based on the total win mechanism (total score obtained once 250 spins have been used).
  11. Multiple participants can play at the same time, and the leaderboard will automatically update.
  12. There will be 47 winners in total for the Tournament and the winners will receive prizes based on their leaderboard ranking.

Prizes for the Gates of Olympus™ Social Tournament is as follows:

1st place – iPhone 15 Pro

2nd place – PlayStation 5

3rd place – Samsung Smart TV

4th – 47th place – R1000 each

  1. If two or more players finish the Tournament with the same score, the player who achieved the score first will receive the higher prize.
  2. Prizes will be awarded to the winners after the Tournament ends.
  3. The winners will be notified by email using the email address linked with the Account within forty-eight (48) hours following the finalization of the results of the Tournament. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within seven (7) working days following notification by email, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and select an alternative winner in our sole discretion.
  4. Tangible prizes will be couriered to the winners’ address as provided by the winners in their social tournaments account. As a condition to receiving a prize, you agree that Social Tournaments reserves the right to make further reasonable information and documentation requests (as determined by Social Tournaments in its sole discretion) necessary for compliance with any and all applicable laws, rules or regulations to which Social Tournaments (or any entity belonging to the same group of companies as Social Tournaments) must adhere to. No prizes shall be awarded to you unless you adhere to any and all reasonable requests for further information and documentation by Social Tournaments. In particular, any winner shall provide any and all information and documentation required for Social Tournaments to be able to comply with its obligations under applicable law, including but not limited to tax compliance requirements. You hereby acknowledge and agree that it may take up to fourteen (14) working days to receive a prize following receipt by Social Tournaments of further information and documentation.
  5. Cash prizes will be paid out to winner’s selected payment method upon successful KYC verification. The winners need to make sure their accounts have been KYCed and payment methods have been verified as stated in the winners guide. If the winner is unable to pass KYC verification, the player will automatically be excluded from the Tournament and will forfeit any prizes that have already been allocated or awarded to the player, without compensation.
  6. Except for the prizes for the 4th to 47th place, there is no cash or other alternative to the stated or awarded prizes in whole or in part.
  7. The prizes are not transferable.
  8. The player acknowledges and agrees that the player will be responsible for any tax obligations arising out of the player receiving a prize and agrees to fully indemnify Social Tournaments against any tax obligation resulting from a prize being awarded to the player.
  9. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Intellectual Property” means any invention, designs, formulas, know-how, processes, business methods, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, code, ideas, writings, illustrations, photographs relating to Social Tournament’s brand, and any and all material describing or illustrating such property, whether in hard copy or digital form. All Intellectual Property will at all times remain the property of Social Tournaments. Any and all intellectual property rights that arise as a result of this Agreement or your participation in the Tournament shall belong to Social Tournaments.
  10. The player hereby agrees and accepts that Social Tournaments reserves the right to grant or withhold any prizes in its reasonable discretion; and that any violations of the Terms and Conditions or applicable law or failure to comply with any reasonable requests for further information from Social Tournaments may result in the cancelation of awarding a Prize to Winners by Social Tournaments.
  11. We are the sole arbiter of this Tournament, and our decision is final and binding. No complaints will be accepted from the winners. We reserve the right to take reasonable steps to verify any claims made against us and/or the Tournament. If there is a breach or suspected breach of these Terms and Conditions, or fraud is suspected, we may withhold any prizes.
  12. Participants must refrain from making any defamatory or derogatory statements that are disparaging or harmful to the name, image, and/or our reputation and our Affiliates.
  13. You hereby agree to hold Social Tournaments harmless for any of the following types of loss or damage even in each case if the Party has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage: indirect or consequential loss or loss of profits, revenue, contracts or anticipated savings.
  14. Social Tournaments shall not be liable for any breach of these Terms and Conditions directly or indirectly caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Social Tournaments where Social Tournaments is prevented from performing its obligations under this agreement and where such failure to perform does not relate to its fault or negligence (“Force Majeure Event“).
  15. Social Tournaments shall not be held liable for any risks related to the technology used for the Tournament including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connections, risk of malicious software introduction and any other risks that relate to third parties. Social tournaments shall not be responsible for any loss of such information resulting from any technological failure powering the Tournament.
  16. We reserve the right to alter, suspend, or cancel this Tournament, including any related terms and conditions, at any time without liability and notice. Any such change will not affect players who have opted in unless the change is necessary to manage/prevent fraud and others.

These Terms And Conditions are also available on and shall be read in conjunction with the Social Tournaments General Terms