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Working from home tips to stay productive (and win a few extra dollars)

working home-banner-image-for-article
working home-banner-image-for-article

The coronavirus pandemic affected most industries, including the gambling one. Many land-based casinos had to temporarily close down their establishments to prevent the virus from spreading. But not SocialTournaments. 

Luckily, since we’re an online platform, our players have nothing to worry about, the virus doesn’t spread virtually. will be functioning normally, without any interruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

All SocialTournament Team is working from home, staying safe. We hope you guys are feeling ok too. You know how important you are to us, so #staysafe. 

Trying to be effective while working from home? 

We know how you feel. There can be so many distractions when you’re working remotely, that sometimes you might feel lost. Have no fear, SocialTurnaments is here with a few productivity tips! 


1. Pretend like you’re going to the office 

We know staying in your pyjamas all day is the dream, but it doesn’t really help when you’re working from home. It just makes you wanna sleep all day. Our tip: do your normal going-to-work routine – set an alarm, make coffee, get dressed in nice cloths. It will help you get in your working-mood.  

2. Pick a dedicated workspace 

To avoid getting distracted we advise selecting a space in your house and transforming it into your working area. It can be your living room, where you have a small table, or your bedroom, as long as you have a clean desk to work at. If you can stand on a chair that supports your back, that would be great! Lying on the couch is the watching-Netflix position, so try not to work like this. 

3. Take breaks 

Let’s be honest – you’re probably not working 100% of the time you’re at the office. And that’s not a bad thing – everyone deserves a break from time to time. You can take walking breaks, and SocialTournaments breaks when you work from home. 

Rip yourself away from your desk and start walking inside your house for 5 minutes. You can call your best friend and talk about the last episode from your favourite series. 

You can also go on our website and play a tournament in one of your breaks. It takes approximately 10 minutes to finish 250 spins. 10 minutes that can bring you real money prizes. Not the worst way to spend 10 minutes, right? 

 4. Respect working hours  

When you work from home you might lose track of time and work overtime without knowing it. We recommend you define what hours you will be working and stick to it. Thus, you won’t feel like you’re working all day long. 

 5. Interact with other humans (on our Discord) 

Staying inside can get pretty lonely, especially if you don’t have somebody to live with. Our Discord Community is nice and welcoming, so, if you feel bored or you just want to talk with other players, go ahead and join our DiscordYou can also win a Golden Ticket in one of our #giveaways.  

All in all, you’re the only one who knows what works for you. Try different ways to stay focused and productive and see which one is right for you. Again, we hope all our players are feeling ok. We wish for you to stay healthy in these challenging times.