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When to pocket higher payouts: AM vs PM


Here’s a question: have you ever pondered the possibility of when to pocket the highest wins? Although there’s a great deal to consider when embarking on any slot adventure, it’s worth noting that perhaps it is likely that the time of day we play can have a significant impact on the size of our payouts.  

There are no hard or fast rules to suggest that you should play your favourite slots at a certain time of day or night, even if most players tend to be active during the evening. Since an RNG is added to every slot machine, it’s likely that there every winning is outcome by this one factor, suggesting that time in terms of payout variance is meaningless in this context. 

Generally, the golden hour for most winners tends to be from the evening all the way through to the early hours of the morning, yet this does not suggest that higher payouts are guaranteed, since the volatility and RTP of a game contain more weight when it comes to the likelihood of this happening when engaging with any one video slot. The mechanics of any game is pre-determined by the game software provider, so engaging in any slot during the AM or PM is likely to make no difference to the size and the value of the payout. 

The real question should be: How can I maximise my payouts when playing during the day or night, here’s some simple suggestions to be a winner regardless of the time of day: 

  • The bigger the bet, the bigger the benefits – If you are in a position to wager the maximum bet then do so, as you have a higher chance of scoring bigger payouts, which prove even more useful when activating the games bonus features – higher payouts here we come! If by chance you land bet multipliers – you can consider yourself at the top of the pile for a prize-winning payout. 
  • Aim higher – When choosing your ideal slots at Social Tournaments, be sure to pay attention to the slot machine’s RTP and volatility, knowing what to expect when making a return is a key component when judging if you’re in the right place at the right time for a successful outcome. 
  • Keep your Social Tournaments journey varied – There’s endless Pragmatic Play slot machines to choose from, in addition to prize-filled free slots tournaments, keep your experience varied by engaging in all to boost your chances of landing higher payouts from all the epic slots available.