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Virtual Sports Series – Part 2

Sports Betting has been around for ages – invented over 2000 years ago in stadia across Europe, people have bet on the outcome of gladiator fights, wrestling, or even animal racing. While some of these have died out, there are still numerous sporting events for punters to bet on – these events might not be available 24/7 like our Virtual Sports offerings, but they come pretty close. 

This is part 2 of the Virtual Sports series where we detail the virtual sport offerings, how they work, how to win and all the nitty gritty particulars, you’ll need to know before placing your bets in the two latest offerings from Pragmatic Play Virtual Sports. 

Force 1 

20 cars from 10 teams whizzing around a street track with 2 cars per team – sound familiar? Force 1 is a take on the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the character drivers have similar names, uniforms, and team names as the famous Motorsport tournament. Our version of the sport works a bit differently though, so follow these guidelines when betting: 

  • No single race ends in a draw 
  • No wet races 
  • No safety car incidents 
  • Customise your logo, branding, circuit name and more 
  • Specific betting markets  
  • All races are unique and not pre-recorded 
  • Minimum one race every 2 minutes 

With every race being unique and not pre-recorded you’re in for all the action that a real race gives, minus safety car mishaps or returning to the pit for speedy tyre changes! Give our Fore 1 a go to experience the world of race car driving, at every 2 minutes 24/7. 


Horseracing, but with bushes of hedges across the track for horses to jump over – while racing. Like hurdles, but for horses! Steeplechase brings the intensity of the race to your mobile, table or desktop screen 24/7, at any time you’re looking for some thrills! With 5 jumps in the virtual race, there are plenty of opportunities for horses to refuse the jump, fall and simply not make the finish line. The race lasts for 80 seconds and the game runs as a scheduled event with a new race starting every 2 minutes. 

The race includes between 16 and 24 horses chosen at random from over 200. The form of the horse is used to calculate the odds for each race it is entered into and is based on how it compares with the other runners in the race – like the real deal! 

The game rules are as follows: 

  • Regular, combination and multiple betting markets available 
  • 24/7 schedule with a race every 2 minutes 
  • Only 1 horse can finish in each of the top positions – no draw/ties 
  • Each race can have up to 4 non-finishers 
  • No false starts 
  • Customisation available for language, currency and RTP for each selected market 

With this race being run over 1000 metres, with 5 jumps, a real commentator and crowd cheers, you’ll feel like you’re at the races from the comfort of your own home with this game! Each race is unique and offers lots of position changes with the winner not leading from the start, so you’re left waiting in excitement for that photo-finish. 

Virtual Sports from Pragmatic Play brings the action to you at anytime and anywhere. You now no longer have to wait for the season to start or for matches to begin. You can have it all at the touch of a button with Pragmatic Play and the various Virtual Sport games on offer 24/7! The Pragmatic Play  Portfolio continues to grow at an impressive pace with not only the Virtual Sports games, but also Slots, Live Dealer and even Bingo Verticals having shown tremendous growth in past months – and like most sporting greats, the gaming provider doesn’t show any signs of stopping here!