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Virtual Sports Series – Part 1

Sports-betting is a past-time that sees the avid punter screaming at television screens, setting up virtual teams to win points, or simply holding onto their betting tickets hoping that the favourite wins. Pragmatic Play brings Virtual Sports Betting into the spotlight with some of your favourites such as Horse-racing, Motorsport, Football (Soccer), Greyhound Racing and intense penalty shootout options for you to choose from.  

Let’s have a look at what some of these Pragmatic games work. 

Penalty Shootout 

Once regular game time ends and teams are tied for a draw, it’s time to bring out your best players for a Penalty Shootout. This Virtual Sports game is scheduled every 2 minutes and is configurable which means that it consists of areas that can be changed to suit your playing needs as follows: 

  • Betting Markets and the game RTP 
  • Currency – default and maximum wager amount 
  • Localization – on screen text and currency 

The fixtures for each game come from a virtual league of 24 teams, so all teams will play each other twice at home. The base game is in English and has the virtual players in kits, vague team and player names all taken from the English Premier League. 

These are the game rules: 

  • 3x penalties per team 
  • Home team shoots first 
  • Goalkeepers from both teams don’t take a penalty 
  • The penalty shootout can end in a draw if each team scores the same number of penalties 

With every match being unique and not pre-recorded – anything can happen just like the real deal! You can play on mobile, tablet and desktop so you now have the virtual world of Football right in your pocket whenever you need a taste of the action! 

Horse Racing 

Straight down the furlong and first past the post is where you want to be with this Virtual Sports offering from Pragmatic Play. This Pragmatic game is a virtual showdown of a horse race run over 1000 metres (or 5 furlongs for those savvy punters!) and is run every 3 minutes so you don’t have to wait for horses to get into the starting gates! The Race has 12 horses and you’ll be able to differentiate them by their distinctive markings, uniforms and the matching silks and caps that the Jockey’s wear. 

With the horses following an algorithm to ensure that they don’t run in set lanes, so that the ultimate winner doesn’t necessarily lead from the start – bringing the anticipation and excitement that horse racing enthusiasts enjoy! 

The game rules are as follows: 

  • Each race is unique and not pre-recorded 
  • Over 100 horses with varying abilities are randomly selected into the 12 racing 
  • Available on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop 24/7 
  • Regular betting markets 
  • Only one horse can finish in each of the top 3 positions 

You can adjust your betting markets to either show decimal or fractional odds. Single Markets and Multiple Bets are available as your betting options with a fully localised gameplay and commentator to give you the look and feel of watching horse racing at the races or televised. 

Fantastic League 

With Football sports betting being one of punters’ favourites, Pragmatic Play has brought the world of Fantastic League, a virtual full football match to your mobile, tablet or desktop! The game runs from kick-off up until the final whistle and follows a format that players are used to with real sports betting events and standard betting markets with some unique player favourites. 

These are the game rules: 

  • No red cards or player sent off 
  • Maximum of one yellow card per player, per match 
  • Maximum of 4 goals per match 
  • Each match is unique, no pre-recordings 
  • Matches last 2 minutes 
  • One match every 3 minutes 

In the European Football offseason, you now have the option to bet 24/7, every 3 minutes and customise your playing options with Fantastic League by Pragmatic Play! 

Greyhound Racing 

With each race shown from start to finish – which includes a replay of the photo finish, this Virtual Sports game uses a fixed random number generator to determine the outcome of the race. The race itself includes 6 or 8 greyhound dogs racing on a 400, 450, 650 or 850 metre tracks. The line-up of Greyhound dogs is taken from a list of over 60 imaginary names with races taking place in daylight and under floodlights at night. 

These are the game rules: 

  • Unique races with none being pre-recorded 
  • Available 24/7 on mobile, desktop and tablet devices 
  • All regular betting markets available 
  • Only one Greyhound can finish in the top 3 positions with no ties 
  • Varying single and multiple betting options 

With a minimum of one race every 3 minutes, you have the action that Greyhound racing brings whenever you need a thrill to keep you betting with us. 

Placing bets for these Virtual Sports games are just as you would with a regular Sportsbook so whether you’re playing to pass some time during the off season or to learn and get the hang of real sports betting, our Virtual Sporting options bring the game to your device 24/7!