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Type of Slots Tournaments Free You Can Play at Social Tournaments


In the first article about the different types of free slot tournaments available on Social Tournaments, we divided the slot tournaments based on their mechanics. However, this is not the only way you can classify our free slot tournaments win real money. 

So, in this article, we will talk about slot tournaments based on their availability and prize pools.  

  • Monthly Tournament – this is by far the most sought-after slot tournament on our platform. Boasting a whopping prize pool of €8,000, this tournament requires a special, Golden Ticket to join that can be won in Golden Ticket Tournaments (where the prizes are Golden Tickets, of course), or Lootboxes. You can also buy them directly from the store. The online slot behind this slot tournament is chosen by our Discord community, runs for one month, and is usually sponsored by one of our casino partners. Also, its symbol is a closed chest. 
  • Daily Tournament with Cash Prizes – as the name hints, this slot tournament is held daily and offers real money prizes. You can spot them easily as their symbol is a lightning bolt. 
  • Golden Ticket Tournament – the Golden Ticket Tournament awards the precious Golden Ticket everyone’s after. The good news is that we organize several such slots tournaments per week, so the chances of winning a golden pass are pretty high. Look for the symbol of a yellow-rimmed ticket to spot them! 
  • Weekly Qualifier Tournament – the Qualifier Tournament works hand in hand with the Weekly Final Tournament, meaning you’ll need to play the first to gain access to the latter. The Weekly Qualifiers’ symbol is a blue pin, and they run for the entire week, from Monday to Sunday, awarding Qualifying Tickets that are much-needed if you want to play the Weekly Final. 
  • Weekly Final Tournament – once you get your hands on a Qualifying Ticket, you can enjoy a thrilling experience playing the Weekly Final held every Sunday. This slot tournament is represented by a fire symbol, runs for 24 hours only, and comes with the biggest prize pool of all the other weekly tournaments.  
  • Coins Buy-in Progressive Pool Tournament – Coins are Social Tournaments’ currency, which means you can use them to buy your way into the Coins Buy-in Tournament. Similar to the jackpot mechanism, the prize pool of this slot tournament increases with every new joiner. The symbol for this type of slot tournament is a growing graphic. 
  • Special Tournament – we reserved this type of tournament for special occasions, which can be a seasonal thing or a milestone we decided to celebrate. It’s easy to spot it as it has a star with spiky circle symbol. 
  • Monday – Friday Tournament – is what you might call a standard slot tournament with a cash prize pool. Classy and elegant. This type of tournament is represented by a calendar symbol. 
  • Turbo Tournament – the Turbo Slot Tournament has a special perk our players seem to love – a reset-the-score feature. This means you can play the slot tournament again and again until you’re finally satisfied with the result. Its symbol is a rocket. 

More details about our slots tournaments can be found in our Tournament Guide. 

We’re always looking for ways to enrich our players’ experience, and we think the types of free slot tournaments available on Social Tournament truly add value to their journey. So, if you feel like playing a slot tournament, you landed in the right place – we have so many running, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of them.