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Top Live Casino Games of 2023

With the super eventful year of 2023 coming to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on all the awesome products that Pragmatic Play has provided us. This time we’re looking at the awesome world of Pragmatic Play’s exclusive and highly interactive Live Game shows and Live gambling games, which allow players to be a part of the action in real time and win with others all around the world! We’re really proud to showcase all the wonderful Live Casino Games that were made this year so let’s dive right in!

Flemish Roulette Live Casino Online – A night out at the Casino!

We all know that roulette is one of the oldest, most iconic and classiest casino games in the world owing to the grandeur of the casinos, the royal velvet boards and the sparking finishes on the immaculate wheels of fortune. Pragmatic Play’s Roulette offers a superior live playing experience on desktop or mobile devices. Live from Pragmatic Play’s very own studio, this incredible grand casino experience is available 24/7. It includes standard Roulette bets along with the most famous special bets, as well as the possibility of saving custom, favourite bets.

Flemish Roulette Live Casino | Key Features

The Flemish Roulette Live product from Pragmatic Play stands out due to its amazing features that the provider took care of taking them to a fabulous level! Here are a few features we find particularly interesting:

  • 4 sectors Racetrack with neighbour bets selector
  • Interactive game statistics
  • Special bets available – Final en Plain, Finales a Cheval, Full Complete
  • Detailed bet history

Flemish ONE Blackjack Live Casino Online – A night out at the Casino!

If there’s ONE Blackjack game you should absolutely be playing, it’s this. ONE Blackjack retains the basics of the game we all know and love, while adding a new dynamic with huge winning potential over Classic Blackjack. Broadcasted from our custom-made, state-of-the-art studio, there’s simply ONE seat, an unlimited number of players and a host of existing and new side bets. We now see opportunity to win up to 2000x stake, with an entirely new side bet option.

Flemish ONE Blackjack Live Casino | Key Features

The Flemish ONE Blackjack Live is yet another Pragmatic Play Live title that offers a unique experience powered by exclusive features such as:

  • Fully scalable, single seat Blackjack with the capability to make individual decisions using the same box
  • Four different types of side bets
  • Statistics that show preferred decisions taken by most players in real time
  • Auto-Stand feature
  • User-friendly interface with unique visual and sound effects.

Auto Mega Roulette Live Casino Online – Live Futuristic Gameplay!

This deluxe Live Casino game is a unique and exciting title played at a fast pace and streamed live from Pragmatic Play’s state-of-the-art studio. Unlike quite a few of the  live casino online real money games we have become accustomed to; Auto Mega Roulette is played without a dealer and is instead powered by an advanced automated Roulette wheel that releases the ball during the betting time. This futuristic feature gives us an advanced experience that makes us feel like we’re playing roulette in 2050! This fast-paced game sees each round includes up to five random “Mega Lucky Numbers” which gives you a chance to win up to 500x their bet on a straight-up bet.

Auto Mega Roulette Live Casino | Key Features

What makes this Roulette online title extra inviting is probably the MEGA factor! And by this we mean the Mega Lucky Numbers and Mega Multipliers. This is only one of its key features, below you can find others that we think are worth mentioning:

  • All key bet types included such as straight-up, split, red/black or even/odd
  • Bespoke solution
  • No live dealer (for some players, a live dealer is what they’re looking for at a table, but Auto Mega Roulette is more of a hybrid – comes with extra thrills of live roulette, without the dealer)

Snakes & Ladders Live Game Show – Climb your way up to Big Wins!

Another dynamic and fast-paced game show that combines the classic components of a race-style board game with the excitement of dice, along with a bunch of awesome bonuses transforming it into an immersive and engaging Live Game Show experience. With 4 dice setting the pace of the game, dishing awesome payouts or activating interactive bonus rounds, depending on where the dice land! The Snakes and Ladders Bonus Game sees players moving up (and down) the traditionally styles Snakes and Ladders board, with multipliers getting higher and higher the further up the board the player gets. Now if that’s not interactive gameplay at its best, we don’t know what is!

How to play Snakes & Ladders Live Casino Game Show

This is a dice-drive game show, so it’s all down to what the dice in the tubes show at the end of a roll. Now, four of the five dice that roll in the tubes show different symbols, while the last one can also reveal numbers. To activate one of the game’s bonuses, you need a specific number of symbols displayed on the dice.

Snakes & Ladders Live Casino Game Show Bonuses

There are two bonuses in this live casino online game show, each triggered with specific symbols:

  • Snakes & Ladders Bonus – it can be triggered with at least two Snakes & Ladders Bonus symbols, with the fifth dice determining if you’ll play a Silver, Gold or Bronze bonus. Here we’re introduced to a rather classic Snakes & Ladders board, with elements that can either help you move forward or drag you down!
  • Snake Totem – triggered with at least three Snake Totem symbols, this round activates the totem on the right-hand side of the screen. You get one role to land on a multiplier or an advance arrow on the totem.

Snakes & Ladders Live Key Features

  • Whopping max win of 10,000x!
  • Extremely fast-paced (a round can last up to 30 seconds)
  • Two Bonuses with high triggering rates

Speed Auto Roulette Live Casino – Advanced Speed Gaming at its Best!

Picture yourself arriving in a sports car, suit and dresses up to the nines, epic music in the background and an air of intensity about. Now, you’re ready to hear about Speed Auto Roulette. It’s the fastest and simplest way to experience the excitement of Roulette online. There’s no live dealer spinning the wheel, as it is powered by an advanced automated Roulette wheel. The faster variant of Auto Roulette allows you to bet during the spin, which adds a whole new level of excitement and immersion to the game! We think that Speed Auto Roulette is an excellent addition to the list of the best Live Casino Game Shows of 2023!

Mega Baccarat Live Casino – Classic Baccarat with and Interactive Twist

This exciting Live Casino Game show delivers a twist on the classic Baccarat game, providing us with the chance to increase our winnings. This is made possible through the Mega Round, which is initiated only if the outcome of the rolled dice is 8 or 9. The Mega Baccarat Live game allows you to bet on either your draw or the dealers draw, as well as place exciting side bets on the composition of either hand, for example, you can bet on the dealer landing a pair! This interactive element is really awesome as the host elegantly deals cards of fortune!

How to Play Mega Baccarat Live Casino

If you played traditional Baccarat, you’ll do just fine with the Mega version from Pragmatic Play. The first step is placing your bet on the Players, the Banker or a Tie result. After the betting time runs out, the Mega Multipliers are selected, and if the dice result in 8 or 9, the Mega Round is triggered, activating all Mega Multipliers!

Mega Baccarat Live Casino | Key Features

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Multipliers of up to 100x
  • Immersive atmosphere

Vegas Ball Bonanza Game Show – Numbers, Tickets and all the Luck in Vegas!

An exciting and dynamic Live Casino gameshow where you purchase tickets to match the numbers on the balls randomly drawn from the tumbling device – so you’re literally trying to guess the outcome of what ball is drawn, simple right!?​ The game is complemented by bonus features to increase your wins or to even boost your overall chances to win. The concept of the game is familiar to everyone — simply buy tickets and complete lines. This is a very light and perky Game Show with fun and energetic hosts that will ensure you has a blast!

How to Play Vegas Ball Bonanza Game Show

Every ticket has nine numbers in a 3×3 grid that need to be matched with balls randomly drawn by the tumbling device. The combination of matched numbers makes a payout pattern. You can collect up to 4 lines or get a Full House pattern giving back 250 times as much as your stake!

Vegas Ball Bonanza Game Show | Key Features

  • €500,000 per game round
  • Max multiplier 20.000x per ticket
  • Combination of mechanic and digital RNG;
  • Highly social atmosphere with presenter in the studio and other players in the chat;
  • Thrilling bonus events; Wild ball and Star Ball
  • Multiplayer

Treasure Island Game Show – A world of mystery, excitement, and adventure!

Treasure Island is an immersive Live Casino game show set on deserted island, shrouded by mystery, where players hunt for hidden treasures in real time from the comfort of their homes. By following a treasure map, they can uncover an ancient wheel, which holds the key to unlocking the island’s thrilling rewards. Spinning the wheel activates a host of captivating bonus games, each having the ability to increase your chances of winning big!

How to Play Treasure Island Game Show

The large 54-sector wheel contains one or more gems or one of the six exciting Bonus games in each segment. All bonuses will award the player with a combination of gems where the value will be randomly assigned during each spin. Players then place bets on the bet spots they believe the wheel will stop at.

Treasure Island Live Casino Game Show | Key Features

  • A unique gaming experience for players, blending familiar themes of a treasure adventure book with exploration and discovery.
  • Each bonus game provides interactive gameplay with a chance to win a prize.
  • Instant Bonuses add excitement to the game flow by awarding prizes rapidly.
  • High player engagement and interaction with the game host.

Lucky 6 Roulette Game Show – Lucky Numbers and Luckier Winners!

Here, we jump straight into the action and multiply the excitement with Lucky 6 Roulette, an exciting new game show that adds a twist to the classic Roulette game – Pragmatic Play are good with their twists, aren’t they? While keeping true to the traditional gameplay of Roulette, Lucky 6 Roulette Live delivers a thrilling gaming experience with more chances for bigger wins. In addition to all the standard Roulette bet types, each game round includes six randomly selected “Lucky Numbers” that will appear on the screen after bets are closed. These lucky numbers have the potential to multiply bets up to crazy amounts, landing huge payouts in a single bet!

How to Play Lucky 6 Roulette Live Casino Game Show

So, players place their bets on the bet board, then six “Lucky Numbers” are randomly selected, each with a “Lucky Multiplier”, ranging from a minimum of – 50x to a maximum of 2088x. When the ball lands on one of the numbered pockets, the winning number will be highlighted and displayed. If any of the placed bets cover the winning number, a player receives winnings according to the Roulette payout table. If the winning number is one of the “Lucky Numbers” and is covered by a straight-up bet, a player receives the “Lucky Win”.

Lucky 6 Roulette Live Casino Game Show | Key Features

  • A twist on the classic game of roulette
  • Winings up to 2088x
  • Six Lucky Numbers are assigned unique Lucky multipliers

And there you have it, the best Live Casino Game Shows of 2023 all in one convenient place, ready to be played, enjoyed and won on! It’s been an absolute privilege to work with our amazing players and Pragmatic Play to deliver content that showcases the best of what Pragmatic Play has to offer! We know that 2024 holds more twists, exciting releases and epic winning potential and we cannot wait!