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Top Live Casino Games from Pragmatic Play – Part 3!

Live Casino games bring the world of land-based casino table games to life, with Pragmatic Play streaming 24/7 from their live studio in Bucharest! This is a 3-part series on the Live Casino games on offer from the gaming provider, with Part 2 focussing on Blackjack and its variants, Andar Bahar for an Indian soiree, and Dragon Tiger for some fantastic wins all with a live dealer for you to engage with! Shuffle your cards, deal them out and get playing with the best Live Casino Table games available to you! 

Classic Blackjack 

The most famous casino table game brought to life from your desktop or mobile devices and Pragmatic Play! The game is streamed live from the studio in Bucharest and offers multiple tables and different limits. With enhanced features such as popular side bets like “21+3” or “Perfect Pairs”, the “Bet Behind” making each seat a multi-player and of course the “Early decisions” option making the game quick and engaging for all players. 

Key features include a multi-seat option which allows you to place the same bet amount for each seat, Auto-stand, Advanced bet validation and the option to chat with the dealer, other players in the game and live support should you have any concerns. 

Speed Blackjack 

Speed Blackjack from Pragmatic Games brings a fresh new look and feel to the famous seven seat original Blackjack game that allows players to make decisions at the same time after the cards are dealt, receiving additional cards at speed making the gameplay experience quicker and more engaging! This version of Blackjack brings new chances to win for experienced players who don’t want to lose time during the game.  

Features include auto-decisions, deal now, simultaneous decisions that allow players to enjoy the game at a higher speed, and the option to chat to the croupier, other players in the game and live support. The game is available on desktop and mobile devices, with quick seating from the lobby and chances to win big with this fast-playing Blackjack game! 

VIP Blackjack 

VIP luxury and the famous Blackjack table game come together in this version of the game. Professionally trained croupiers, unique game features and a VIP experience for 3 different players at the same time makes you feel as if you’re in the high roller section of the casino where the big deals are made! 

Features include an increased decision and betting time at 20 seconds, an increase in the number of seats per player of up to 7 seats, and an increased number of idle rounds before removal to 3. VIP tables also feature a special label in the lobby that indicate the table status, and the option to chat to the dealer, other players in the game and live support for any queries you might have. 

ONE Blackjack 

Taking after the classic world-famous table game, this variant brings you the basics of the game you love, with added new dynamics with huge winning potentials. With one seat and an unlimited number of players playing either existing or new side bets, you now have the chance to win up to 2000x your bet! 

Features include a fully scalable single seat Blackjack and the chance to make individual decisions using the same box, multi-player game play, auto-stand feature and a user-friendly interface that’ll have you winning in no time! Available 24/7 on desktop and mobile, this One Blackjack is not to be missed! 

Andar Bahar 

One of the most popular played games in India that originates from present-day Bangalore is a game made entirely of chance, with odds set at 50/50! The objective of the game is to guess which side Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) the card matches the Joker (house) on the table – and appears first. 

Similar to the experience of Baccarat and Dragon Tiger, the game is enhanced with an additional betting board for side-bets on the right side of the user interface. Features include a higher payout on ending the game with the first card dealt to Andar or Bahar, available on desktop and mobile as well as detailed statistics available at the click of a button. Head on down to India in this traditionally played game that has become one for the ages! 

Dragon Tiger 

This popular multi-player game gets you to bet on which card has the higher value, dragon, tiger or an equal result or tie. Baccarat as well as recreational card players can enjoy the simplicity and speed of Dragon Tiger and its slick user interface. Each side (Dragon & Tiger) also features 6 different side bets for you to take your chances on and win! 

Special features include the option to Burn card after each round, roadmaps like Baccarat, available on Desktop and Mobile devices and the option to chat with the game dealer, other players playing the game with you and live support for any concerns you might have. 

So many options to get playing with one of the extensive Live Casino options Pragmatic Games has to offer, each featuring a Chat option and available on Desktop and Mobile, so you have the intimacy of online table games available exclusively to you from anywhere and at any time! Give one of these a go for the gameplay experience you’ve come to expect from land-based casino’s – in the palm of your hand!