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The Winning Faction for Season 11 is… Zeus!

We introduced the Faction system back in season 10, and boy-oh-boy did it make our loyal players join forces and fight as an army to a victorious win that sees them bag all the glory for the upcoming season! A new season means that you’re part of a new faction group – and since Season 12 has started, when you log into your Social Tournaments account, you’ll be asked to spin the wheel so that you can be added into your new Faction for you to add points to and see win! Comradery at its finest, with players pushing to get their Faction to win by the end of the season! 

Factions – What you need to know! 

A Faction here at Social Tournaments, is seen as a team and we split our players into 3 teams each with their own mascot. These teams are named after popular Pragmatic Play New Slots characters, with Zeus from Gates of Olympus Demo Slot, Madame Destiny from the Madame Destiny Demo Slot, and John Hunter, Pragmatic Games’ very own Indiana Jones look-a-like, taking on adventures (and stealing hearts with those smouldering eyes) with over 5 different slots themed after the character. 

How do I get my Faction to win? 

All you need to do is complete the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly missions to collect points and increase your season’s faction pot of points. At the end of the season the winning Faction is announced, and you get all the bragging rights that come along with it! 

Winning Faction in Season 11 – Zeus! 

After an epic battle of the Factions throughout the past season, with players giving their all to add points and see their Faction win, Zeus, the King of the Greek gods has come out as tops! Who knew playing on Social Tournaments could be a Team Sport?! 

Congratulations to all players, in all Factions for all their efforts in this close call winning Faction! We wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming season battle – so keep playing and pushing to have your Faction come out tops!