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The Slot Paylines Guide in Pragmatic Play Slots

Paylines vary from slot to slot; what’s for sure is that they are a critical component that will pave the way to generating winning symbol combinations. The paylines hold power to decipher if this is a winning or losing game. 

Paylines quite literally appear as zigzags or straight lines on the slot grid. In the past, most classic online slots would have featured a single payline; however, their contemporary counterparts differ a great deal, with some games featuring dozens. It’s worth noting that the number of paylines featured with any slot machine can offer a great deal of insight as to the amount and frequency of the wins within any one game.  

Unlocking instant wins within any online video slot required a certain amount of the same symbol combinations to occur across one or more of the winning paylines. In most video slots, the same symbol combinations of between 3 and 5 appearing on the same payline are required to release an immediate payout.  

What’s the difference between the different types of paylines? 

  • Slots with multiple paylines – The multi-payline slots are a perfect choice for players who consider themselves big spenders. They often require players to wager substantially higher bets but can generate high returns, which can sometimes mean going over budget. Pixie Wings slot demo has 50 paylines, but most Pragmatic Play slots feature around 10-20 payline, and Big Bass Bonanza Slot Demo is just the first title that comes to mind. 
  • Slots with single paylines – Single-line video slots can offer a more simplistic gaming experience, as there is just an individual line to focus on when forming the winning combinations. 888 Dragons demo slot feature just one payline! These slots are often less time-consuming and aren’t likely to be associated with high risks or high losses.  

Do more paylines = more wins? 

Multiple-payline slots are enjoyed and celebrated thanks to the number of hidden prizes and bonuses; however, an increase in paylines in any one game does not necessarily equate to a higher number of wins.  


While familiarising yourself with a slot’s active paylines and paytable, it’s worth remembering that the number of lines in any game may not determine a higher winning frequency. It’s more beneficial to pay attention to detail regarding the game’s default RTP, which can provide a true insight into the game’s true winning potential.  

The mutli-line and single-line slots vary in simplicity and complexity, yet all contain their own set of rewards. It’s always worth weighing up the pros and cons of the featured paylines within any online video slot. Luckily, we have many slots tournaments free based on slots for any payline-taste.