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The Best Live Casino Games from Pragmatic Play!

With most of the world submerged in the Digital Age, it makes sense that online casinos start offering more Live Casino games to keep players feeling as if they’re at the tables in person – or on a game show with some of Pragmatic gamesmagnificent and sought-after Live Casino Products. Let’s look at Baccarat and its new variants such as Super 8, Fortune 6, and Speed Baccarat. We’ll also delve into the lavish world of Roulette, Speed Roulette, and Auto Roulette, the fun game of Blackjack, VIP Blackjack and Speed Blackjack and finally, Mega Sic Bo – with so many to cover, let’s get the dice rolling! 


One of the oldest casino table games in the world brings elegance and an alluring aesthetic to the Live Casino games offered by Pragmatic Play. Baccarat is streamed from the Live Casino studio in Bucharest and features an array of options such as a manual zoom that allows players to zoom in on the cards, multiple side bets, 5 traditional Baccarat roads support and roads probing with Player or Banker result. With the Live Player trends, statistics show on screen the total pot on each betting position as well as the number of players playing.  

Special features include the “No Commission Baccarat” with the Super 6 side bet and the option to chat with the dealer, other players and Live Support for any queries you might have. Join in on the elegance and sophistication of Baccarat, in a live setting so you feel like you’re right there with the Croupier on the tables. 

Fortune 6 

This takes on one of the oldest casino games in the world, gives players a chance to win big and more frequently on main and new side bets. In this version of the game, you’ll need to predict which side (Player or Banker) will receive a hand value closest to 9. 

Features that make this Live Casino game stand out include, new side bets that allow players to win big frequently, especially on side bets such as Player/Banker 6, Player/Banker Fortune Pair, and the Fortune 6 side bet which is exclusively offered by Pragmatic Play. Available 24/7 on both Mobile and Desktop so you can bring the thrill of this Table Game, straight to wherever you are when you’re feeling particularly lucky! This is the latest Baccarat variant, having been launched on July 6th 2022. 

Super 8 

This version of Baccarat gives players a chance to win bigger and more frequently on main and new side bets. Players will need to predict which side, Player, or Banker, will receive a hand value that is closest to 9 to win. Key features of this online table game include a familiar betting board that is similar to the Baccarat and Dragon Tiger game and customer experience, Speed Baccarat Multiplay mode, and is available on both Desktop and Mobile devices so you have the thrilling life of the casino available at your fingertips. 

Speed Baccarat 

 In this variant of Baccarat, Pragmatic Play features Side Bets, Statistics, Roads Probing as well as a detailed betting history for the player. You’re also able to chat with the dealer, enjoy some comradery by chatting with other players in this Multi-player game, or if you have any betting concerns or issues in your gameplay, Live Support is also there to assist.  


One of the most iconic casino table games comes to life in Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino Roulette available on both desktop and mobile devices so you have the glamour of the tables anywhere! Available 24/7, this live casino game includes standard Roulette bets, and special bets such as Final en Plain, Finales a Cheval, and Full Complete – you also have the option to save your favourite bets so you can customize your gameplay! It also features a 4 sector Racetrack with a neighbour bets selector, interactive game statistics, and an Autoplay feature that’ll do the betting work for you! 

Additional features include a detailed betting history, advanced bets validation and the option to chat with a dealer, other players and Live Support for any concerns you might have. Pick red or black, odds or evens and get lucky with Roulette from Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino! The Live Casino also offers localised version of the famous table game with Roulette Italy, Roulette Germany and Roulette Russia, creating a personalised experience for players. 

Auto Roulette 

The simplest and lowest-limit Roulette table is brought to you from the Pragmatic Play Live Casino Studio – but with no dealer. The machine on the screen will automatically release a ball into the spinning Roulette wheel during the betting countdown, giving you a fast and easy gameplay. 

The rules of Auto-roulette are the same as the normal version with a Live Dealer. Available on both Mobile and Desktop, the game brings you a special 3D interface on the Desktop version that allows you to zoom in on the Roulette table to get you that extra reassurance in the gameplay, without the human interaction. 

Key features of the game include, Advanced bets validation, interactive game statistics, Special bets such as Final en Plain, Finales a Cheval and Full Complete including a detailed bet history for you and so much more.  

Speed Roulette  

Speed Roulette by Pragmatic Play is a take on the classic table game – but at a faster pace with each spin round lasting up to 27 seconds! This Live Casino game has specially trained dealers who carefully start the spins, with cameras installed so that you always have an eye on the game. The game is broadcast live in the Pragmatic Live Casino Studio and is available 24/7 on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Key features of this table game include placing bets after the ball in spun, saving your favourite bets and the chance to chat with the dealer on screen, other players playing the game and Live Support if you need it. The perfect way to bring the casino directly to your fingertips! 

Mega Sic Bo 

This new and thrilling take on the ancient game of chance involved you predicting the outcome of three rolled dice. The Live Casino game has a layout of 52 betting positions with players being able to cover one or more simultaneously. Each game round has different betting options selected at random, with the standard odds being replaced with “Mega Multipliers” just before the result is shown. This gives you the chance to win up to 1000x your initial bet – and if your bets are placed amongst the “Mega Lucky Combinations”, you’ll be awarded a “Megawin”! 

Special features of this game include playing in a luxurious studio with an unlimited amount of players, Autoplay so you never miss a bet when playing, and the chance to play the first game in Pragmatic Games’ Live Casino Portfolio, with random Mega Multipliers that reach up to 1000x your bet!  

Table games don’t have to be an overwhelming experience anymore, with live dealers and even localised games where dealers speak in Italian, German or Russian – as well as English, mean that anyone can play and anyone can win – and win big! 

And that’s Part 1 of our Live Casino games and features that you can enjoy from anywhere on any of your devices, bringing the experience of the casino straight to you, with all the glamour and minus the need to dress up.