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Casino partners – Tons of Benefits for SocialTournaments Players


As you know, here at SocialTournaments we take the Social part very seriously and we are transparent with our actions and how they affect YOU, our players. Therefore, we want to make you feel as you are a part of the team as much as we are and involve you more in the development of this project. Our Discord Server is a great way of doing this. And we really feel 100% that you ARE a part of the team and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without you! 

For Season 3 we decided to start partnering up with a few casinos that gave us the opportunity to offer you more features and benefits. For example, with their help, we created sponsored tournaments, increased the monthly prize pool from €20,000 to €35,000 and, thus, rewarded more players from the Leaderboard. In other words, a huge part of what comes from these casinos goes to you guys. That is why they are so important to us: they help us take SocialTournaments to new heights and keep you happy and entertained. Our goal is to increase the monthly prize pool from €35,000 to €50,000 in Season 4. An ambitious goal that can be achieved only with our partners’ help. This means more features, more prizes and more winners.  

We carefully selected our partners based on two super important factors: trustworthiness and thoughtfulness. You can be sure all casinos we chose take their job seriously and respect their players in all aspects. They provide all sorts of games, from famous slots to highly popular casino games as well as verified payment methods. Our partners offer fantastic Welcome bonuses and they honour the cash-out time specified on their websites. There will be more casinos to choose from as we will be adding more highly recognizable casino names in the next months. If you find their offers phenomenal, as we do, you can go ahead and create an account using the links we provide in our reviews, in in-game advertising, on our homepage or on All casinos page

We decided to take this big step with one thought in our mind: to enhance your gaming experience on our website and to offer you new, safe entertainment options.