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Social Tournaments – Welcome to SEASON 6!

Social Tournaments Season 6 Free Slot Tournaments
Social Tournaments Season 6 Free Slot Tournaments

Happy SEASON 6 everyone! During Season 5 we got to see a lot of amazing Video Slot releases from Pragmatic Play, and new functionality to Social Tournaments such as, the Prize Wheel, the Store, Coins and more. Now it’s time to leave Season 5 behind us and step into Season 6!

Season 6 will have a new look and at first, it might feel a bit scary, but don’t worry, we are here to guide you! The new look and feel of Social Tournaments will start with the front page being updated and as we go along, we will update page after page with the new design throughout the Season.

The new design will have more things accessible directly on the front page. The old design focused on keeping the tournaments in the spotlight because that is, the most important and where you win free cash prizes every day! The tournaments are still in focus and easily accessible directly when you log in. Now you will be able to see cool stats about Social Tournaments, an activity feed that shows the latest wins, how many players are online, how many have won and more. In the beginning, only the Start Page will be updated with the new design. As Season 6 progresses we will update page by page!

Special Tournaments and amazing Casino Deals will be visible directly on the start page together with the News articles, Slot Reviews and Latest affiliate partners.

We have also added new avatars that need collecting in the Lootboxes! Crack open those boxes that you win from Tournaments or buy in the Store to catch them all!

Welcome, all to Social Tournaments Season 6!