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Social Tournaments Season 10 is here!


The much-anticipated Season 10 has finally arrived, and it’s loaded with goodies! We’re not saying this is the best season ever launched on our free tournaments for money platform, but it definitely brings features that’ll enhance your gameplay like none other. 

Social Tournaments Chrome Extension 

Did you ever wish there was a quicker way to access the free slot tournaments available on our platform without having to visit the website? Well, now that Season 10 is here, this is possible! 

The Social Tournaments 1.0 Chrome extension gives you quick access and shortcut links to the tournaments, your account, and the available mirror websites. This means you can join a free slot tournament right from your Chrome browser, if you meet the requirements, of course (coins, tickets).  

The new Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome Store! You can install it from here. 

New Social Pass Design 

The Social Pass has been implemented a few seasons ago, and it’s high time we revamp it a little – it deserves a make-over. While we made small changes to the roadmap keeping all your past and future accomplishments in view, we tweaked the lower part of the Social Pass, refreshing the Missions and your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges, making them look more dynamic. 

Faction System 

What if you would have the chance to team up with your friends and collect points to beat other teams? And no, we’re not talking about the Buddy Pass, but the new faction system! 

How does the faction system work? 

After you log into your account when the faction system launches, a wheel will spin for you, assigning you randomly to one of the three available factions. You’ll stay in the selected faction for the rest of the season, and, as a faction, you will compete with the other factions. The points you collected via the daily, weekly, and monthly missions will be added to the faction’s total points pot – one for all and all for one! The winner will be the faction that gathered the biggest number of points.  

There will be three factions available for players to join, represented by characters from top Pragmatic Play games: the Madame Destiny slot, the John Hunter slot, and the Gates of Olympus slot. So, you have the chance to join the team of adventurers and find hidden riches to be turned into points, or turn to magic and become part of the fortune-tellers. Want to see what’s like being a God for a season? Hope to join Zeus’ team and find out for yourself! 

The faction system will be implemented over the season, so don’t panic if you don’t see the factions available right away. We’ll post an article about it when they’re available, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements. 

Slot Tournaments Duels 

We have a feeling this feature is the most wanted one by most of our players – who doesn’t want to feel the thrills of duelling with someone else? It won’t be like in the Wild West, but if you think about it, the slot tournaments are your pistols, and the spins, the bullets. Let’s start spinshooting! 

  • Duels 1v1 – players will be able to duel at any time, regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week. You’ll have to queue up for a duel and pay 1,000 coins that will be added to the prize pool and compete against someone else. The only duel rule is that the winner takes it all. 
  • Duels 2v2 – if the 1v1 duels allow you to duel one on one with other players, the 2v2 mode gives you the chance to team up with a friend and compete against another team of 2 players. Each duellist pays 1,000 coins to join, and the winning team takes it all, splitting the winnings between them. 
  • Faction Battle! – this mode works like a bridge between the factions and the new duel system. What it does is allow your faction to compete against the other factions. All participants pay 1,000 coins each, and the winning faction goes home with the jackpot and split it between themselves. The first version of this tournament will be 10v10v10. 

The duel system, with all its goodies, will be implemented over the following month, so better start your training now! 

Other Releases 

Besides the main features mentioned above, Social Tournaments Season 10 comes with even more surprises! A notification system will soon be in place, as well as some tweaks regarding optimization. We’ll keep you posted on the next implemented features. 

Season 10 adds to the thrills of our tournaments and pushes the boundaries of what free slot tournaments can be. We, the Social Tournaments team, worked hard on these features, and we really hope they’ll level up your experience to the max.