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Social Tournaments History – How It All Started

Social Tournaments started as a slots tournaments platform where players were welcomed to join and play for free, and things haven’t changed much in this aspect. Social Tournaments continues to be a free-to-join platform where users can enjoy free slots in a dynamic atmosphere, and we intend to keep it this way. 

Even though Social Tournaments is now well-known in the industry, things didn’t always stay like this. Back in May 2019, when the initiative took off, the platform offered a few slot tournaments with a couple of bucks as prize pools. However, even then, it had a promising future ahead. 

Then, as the platform gained more and more popularity and registrations, we added the Social Pass and the Store, with a few missions and items to buy. After that, it was time to make one of the biggest steps in our growth: introducing the casino partners, along with their dedicated slot tournaments. That’s how the Monthly Slot Tournament with a huge €8,000 prize pool was born.  

But we didn’t stop there. Casino partners just weren’t enough for our players. We knew we could do better, so we got to work and came up with the referral idea or the Buddy Pass. Players were given the chance to invite their friends and family and get a 10% share of their winnings for the next six months. Pretty sweet, right? 

In addition, we also developed different types of tournaments, such as the Coins Buy-in Progressive Pool Tournament, where the prize pool increases based on the number of participants, or the Weekly Qualifiers, slot tournaments that award Qualifying Tickets to be used to join the Weekly Final. It’s a web of tournaments, easily untangled with a few tickets and some coins! 

After over two years, we stepped up the game once again with the Duels and the Faction features. Duels are a recently added feature that allows players to fight with another player or as a Faction to win coins or faction points. Opponents are chosen randomly, and so are the games. Joining a Duel requires paying a price of 1000 coins, and one duelling session runs for 30 minutes. After the final whistle, all duellists need to lower their guns and wait for the scoring board to get updated. 

The new Season 11 brought even more thrills, with the brand-new notification feature becoming available! Players can now use the bell icon attached to a slot tournament to get notified when the said tournament starts, and they can also choose to enable notifications for duels. 

Social Tournaments grows with each new feature added and each new player joining the platform, gaining more and more popularity as it goes. We are always looking for ways to enhance our players’ experiences on our free slots tournaments platform and are trying to meet all their needs by refining the features available or introducing new ones.