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Social Tournaments Explained Part 4 | How to get your Winnings

Social Tournaments is known for its engaging free slot tournaments that award money prizes – this isn’t breaking news, all our players know that. And the first step in the process of winning extra cash is to play our slots tournaments, as we have so many, the big question is how to choose a slot tournament at Social Tournaments. Once you get that figured out and find yourself in the cash-winning position on the leaderboard, you’ll face the next big question: how to withdraw at Social Tournaments? 

How to Withdraw at Social Tournaments

With all the amazing free tournaments for real money here at Social Tournaments, you’re going to need to figure out how to get your inevitable winnings into your account of choice sooner or later! With an incredible selection of Pragmatic Slots available, we do the most to make sure that you experience as many as possible in our famous tournaments. The excitement of these competitive and interactive tournaments is made oh so much sweeter by the huge cash prizes that our players receive on a daily basis. Getting those winnings out is actually quick and easy if you follow the simple steps laid out in this article!   

How to get your Winnings – Verify your Account

Regardless of the payment method you choose, you’ll first need to verify your account by completing your KYC (Know Your Customer) status. This is a process we use to make sure we know who we are paying the funds to, in order to protect our players and their money. It’s simple enough, so let’s dive right in.   

  • First, you need to check that all your personal details are correct and match exactly with the documents you intend on submitting for review.  
  • Next, you’ll need to verify your identity by sending us a picture of any form of official ID such as:  
    • National ID  
    • Passport  
    • Driver’s License  
  • We also need to verify your Proof of address, which can be easily checked through documents such as:  
    • Bank Statements  
    • Government mail  
    • Utility Bills   

You can send all documents to You will also need to verify your payment method before we can pay out your winnings, which varies from method to method, so we will break it down when we walk you through each option. If you’d like to find out more about KYC and why we do it, we’ve created a useful KYC Guide.    

How to get your Winnings – Payment Methods available at Social Tournaments

We understand that everyone has their own personal preference on how they get paid, that’s why we’ve tried to provide as many safe and secure payment methods as possible. Whether you’d like to receive your money to a reputable web wallet, or directly in Crypto, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the different options and how to verify them.  

Payment Methods – Skrill 

Skrill is a global Web Wallet and a true leader in the industry. It’s free to use and offers fair transfer fees. All you need for one of these accounts is an email address! To verify your Skrill wallet with us, all you need is a screenshot of your Skrill account – your name and e-mail address associated with your e-wallet with all information visible.  

Payment Methods – Neteller 

Just like Skrill, Neteller is an e-wallet that provides a free to use experience and competitive transfer rates. Like most web wallets, all you need to get started is an email address. Verifying this payment method is also a simple case of providing proof of ownership by sending us a screenshot of your account with your name and e-wallet email address.  

Payment Methods – Bank Wire  

Good old-fashioned bank transfers are often a favourite as it’s something we all know and trust. Luckily for our customers, we can transfer straight into your account of choice. All we need to make it happen, verification wise, is a screenshot of your online bank account. Your name, IBAN, and BIC/SWIFT need to be visible.   

Payment Methods – BITCOIN, LITECOIN & USDT

Crypto – the currency of the future, right? You can receive your winnings in Crypto if you wish, and a cool thing about this is no verification is required, as your cryptocurrency payment method will be automatically verified. We also offer Fasttoken (FTN) payments if you are all about that blockchain life. To find out what you need to do to receive your funds this way, we’ve created a helpful article on how to receive funds with Fasttoken.   

Payment Methods – Casino 

Casino, what on earth? That’s right, you can transfer your winnings to the casino of your choice and play with the funds! You just need to send us a screenshot of your casino account profile, which shows your User ID/username. This method is pretty unique as you can set up thresholds on which method it goes to. So, some of your winnings go to your casino account, and the rest are paid out to another method.  

How to get your Winnings – Assistance 

Verifying your account and setting up your payment method can be a little challenging if you’re unsure of something, and we know there’s nothing worse than getting stuck trying to get your well-earned winnings, so we encourage you to get in touch or read more about how to KYC Process at Social Tournaments if you need any sort of help at all! You can email with any questions or issues – don’t be shy!   

Winning is one of the best feelings at Social Tournaments, as it’s easy and completely free! We are always thrilled for our players when they score big, and we create so many tournaments to make this possible! If you need any further information on the verification and payments process, please check out our Winners Guide