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Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are a popular addition found in the majority of online video slots. To excel in any game with a Progressive Jackpot, it’s key to be able to embrace challenges and to enjoy the mighty climb that is required until you quite literally hit the jackpot. 

The build-up is key, as a player will have to keep climbing and climbing until they land a winning payout. However, the wagering requirements play a very important part in this scenario, as to be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need to ensure that you have wagered the maximum bet with a focus on the higher end of the scale, to be eligible for your slice of the progressive jackpot. 

So why play Progressive Jackpot slots?

There are numerous reasons as to why it would be advantageous to opt for the progressive jackpot slots, aside from the fact that you can unlock streams full of a cash, here’s a closer look at the why: 

  • Higher payouts – You can expect some showstopping payouts with Progressive Jackpot slots in comparison to most regular slots, however, these can be few and far between. 
  • Varied Jackpots – Some video slots feature a variety of Jackpots: small, medium, and large. The rewards and payouts will vary greatly with all three and contain their own set of rewards. This makes a big win possible for any player, regardless of their bet limits. 
  • Random Jackpots – In regular slots, players are often required to form winning same symbol combination to trigger the bonus features. However, there are several slots which can surprise players with a random jackpot feature within any spin, adding even more attraction factor when it comes to instant wins. 

Now for the lowdown…

It’s always worth considering the disadvantages when opting for any Progressive Jackpot slot, to prepare for any outcome: 

  • The majority of Progressive Jackpot slots will require the formation of same symbol combination for the jackpot rounds to be activated. 
  • Winning combinations would often need to be formed across several paylines, if not all. 
  • A higher bet may be required, to gain a jackpot win, as opposed to landing a regular same symbol payout. 
  • Players are expected to play harder, bet bigger and persevere for much longer, since there is no quick fix to hitting the jackpot.  

Ultimately, any player’s success when playing slots with Progressive Jackpot boils down to one very simple fact: Can you stand the test of time? It’s worth preparing yourself for the fact that you can land the very small wins or the very big wins. It’s a gamble and it takes time to hit the big wins, but if you’ve got what it takes, then it’s time to dive into your next jackpot adventure with a never-ending selection of Pragmatic Play’s jackpot video slots.