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Slot Tournaments 1vs1 Duels, now available at Social Tournaments!


You will soon be hearing metal clicking sounds all over our tournament slots free platform! Players, charge your pistols with spins and work on your spinning moves as the 1v1 Duels feature has been launched! Although it has been live for about a week, the new feature has already won the hearts of our fanbase. 

The Duels feature is one of the perks becoming available this season, and the first version of the feature, the 1vs1 Duels, comes with plenty of thrills and breath-holding moments. Let’s break down the mechanics behind this amazing feature! 

What are 1vs1 Duels? 

1vs1 Duels are battles in the shape of free slot tournaments win real money players who have an account can engage in. The price to join a Duel is 1,000 coins, but the prize pool that goes in the winner’s pocket is 1900 coins – a pretty deal if you ask us. Your competitor will be chosen at random, so you’ll have the chance to play against basically any player. The games are also picked at random from our Pragmatic Play Slot Demo selection, which means you’ll be able to see the slot tournaments through the eyes of a duellist. 

The duration of a Slot Tournament 1vs1 Duel is 30 minutes, but if both you and your opponents have finished your 250 spins sooner, you’ll have to wait only a few minutes for your scores to be processed. 

You can see how your opponent, and you, are doing during the duel by scrolling towards the bottom of the duel’s page. There you’ll see the two characters, Aladdin and the Sorcerer from the Aladdin and the Sorcerer slot demo representing the two duellists, the scores, and the number of spins left for each player. 

What types of Slot Tournaments are Available for 1vs1 Duels? 

 We have various types of slots tournaments free on our platform, but for the 1vs1 Duels, we chose the Total Win and the Bonus Buy types. 

How to Win At a Slot Tournament Online 1vs1 Duel? 

The winner of the duel is the one who has the biggest score after the 250 spins end for both players. You’ll notice the winner right away, as one of the characters will increase in size compared with the other. 

Speaking of champions, when declaring the winner, you’ll see the ‘Processing’ status in the status section next to the ‘Prize Pool’ and ‘Type’ in the leaderboard. The other available status you might find are ‘Live’ and ‘Ended’.  

The 1vs1 Duels are available for all players, regardless of the faction they’re in or their winnings in other tournament slots free. Just like Aladdin has proved he’s more than an underdog, this is your chance to prove you are a true winner!