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Ready? Steady! Go Season 11!

Life has this interesting habit of changing the rules just when you got used to them – to keep things spicy and captivating, naturally! We at Social Tournaments have the same habit, and we apply it with every new season! 

Although it feels like Season 10 has just started, it’s been running for three months! How time flies when you’re having fun, right? After three fabulous months full of features and releases that boosted your gameplay big time, such as the Factions and the Duels, it was time to bring it up a notch! 

Season 11 starts today and will run until the 16th of August, introducing players to all sorts of surprises along the way! 

Players will be able to get notified when a slot tournament starts by clicking on a bell icon, and also have the possibility to enable duels notifications from their account. This way, users will get notified while waiting for the other players to join. 

In addition, you’ll also be placed in a different faction. As you remember, you are part of a Faction for one season. When the new one starts, you get to spin the Wheel of Factions again and join a different Faction. 

Let’s welcome Season 11 with open arms (and pockets), and get ready to experience new features that’ll make Social Tournaments an amazing ride!