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Progressive Buy-In Tournaments has arrived!

Social Tournaments Progressive Buy-In Tournament
Social Tournaments Progressive Buy-In Tournament

It has been a while since Season 7 started and today is the day where we release something new and exciting! You might have noticed it already, or found out through our Discord Server announcement from earlier today.

Today we have released a new type of Tournament, the Progressive Buy-In Tournament! This tournament you buy into using your COINS, yes that’s right, the coins you get from daily missions and achievements, Coin tournaments, Social Pass or from Giveaways in our Discord.

All the Coins used for Buy-In will be collected into a progressive prize pool that will be divided amongst the winners in said tournament. With Progressive it means that the Prize Pool will grow as more and more players Buy into the tournament. The more players that join, the bigger the prize pool the more players will win a prize!

Every player can do a maximum of FOUR Buy-Ins to the tournament. So, if you aren’t happy with your results on your first try, you can Buy in, three more times! Neat right?

We really hope you guys will enjoy the new tournaments and you can find them on the start page as usual or under the Schedule Page.

Have fun!