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Online gambling superstitions – believe it or not


Playing slot games is fun but winning is even more so fun. Players who prefer slots would do anything to win the biggest prize, including wearing their favorite T-shirt or having their lucky charm near them. We don’t say these things won’t help win the luck to your side, but they will not guarantee that a huge win will fall into your lap. Let’s start! 

There are plenty of superstitions when it comes to slot machines, and many emerged in the times of mortar and brick casinos, when it was believed that playing a slot near the casino’s entrance will bring you extra winning chancesWe gather the superstitions that apply to online slots as wellLet’s see how a winner’s kit is supposed to look like. 


  • Standing while playing  

There’s a superstition that a real slot machine is more likely to reward you if you are standing while playingIn other words, the slot machine “knows” if you are comfortable and will not award you straightaway because there are few chances for you to get up and move to another slotThat must have been a smart slot machine – probably an iSlotMachine. Online gamblers can do the same, but in front of their computer/ laptop/ tablet.  

Before you throw your chair out the window, let’s test this belief. The truth is that each spin of a slot machine, regardless of its type, is a random event, and as such, it doesn’t matter if you are sitting, standing, laying down or even jumping on one leg. Your chances of winning remain the same whatever position you choose to play in. 


  • Unlucky lover, lucky player 

Do you know those movies where a broken-hearted man or woman visits a casino and leave 10 times richer? The reason they won is the fact that they’ve been unlucky in love, so the luck shifted to the gambling side. Apparently, there is not enough luck in the word for both love and slots. If Hollywood said it, it must be true, right? Sadly, there is no connection between your love life and the chances to win at an online slot, even if you play a Fairytale Fortune tournament. We believe you can have both a happy relationship and a full pocket of money. 


  • Don’t say you’ll win at the beginning of the game 

It is believed that declaring that you will win before pressing the spin button jinxes your destiny and your chances to win. It’s basically the gambling version of the superstition that saying out loud what is going to happen will prevent the said thing from happening. Fortune does not favour the know-it-all type. tournament doesn’t care if you sing “We are the champions” in front of your computer before entering it – anything that makes you happy makes us happy too. 


  • Red is lucky 

In Asian cultures the colour red is considered to bring happiness, success and good fortune to the one who’s wearing it. Before you start buying all red clothes on the market or paint your room in different shades of redlet us tell you that our tournaments love all colorsYellow, orange, blue, green – you name it. The spins can give you the red carpet treatment regardless of what you are wearing. 


  • Crossing your legs or your finger brings bad luck 

In other aspects of life, keeping your finger crossed means that you wish someone good luck. That’s not the case in the gambling industry. It is believed that crossing your fingers or your legs upsets the Gods of Fortune, so you should not think of doing it. Here, on SocialTournaments, we have Madame Destiny and the enchantresses from Wild Spells, so you are fully protected. You can stay with your legs crossed or in the Lotus position when playing our tournaments, it won’t interfere with your winnings. We guarantee.  


SocialTournaments welcomes all players who love to spin the reels and have a good time while winning some extra cash. What color you wear, how you like to sit or what you say in front of your laptop is totally up to you. Slot games work independently of the player’s choices so go ahead and make this experience as enjoyable as possible. Check out our schedule and make sure you don’t miss your favorite tournaments!