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New design and more colors on SocialTournaments

new-homepage design-banner
new-homepage design-banner

If you have visited SocialTournaments since the beginning of Season 3 (and we are sure you have), you might have noticed that the homepage is different from what you knew. On top of all the new features, we also designed a brand-new layout for our homepage in our pursuit of making everything perfect for you guys.

Let us talk you through the new homepage!

Monthly Tournament at the top of the page

We kept the Monthly Tournament right under the top menu in the new design, so that you can spot it immediately after you entered With a single glimpse you can find out all the information about the tournament: the prize pool, the casino that’s sponsoring it, the time left to join and the game that you will be playing. All you need to do is get your hands on a Golden Ticket and press the “Join” button.

The palette of Tournaments

As we added new tournaments and wanted to show them all on our homepage, we felt the need to differentiate them using colors. Thus, the Daily Tournament has a green tag, while the Golden Ticket Tournaments appears with a golden ribbon. The Weekly Final and the Weekly Qualifier work hand in hand, so it’s naturally to bring them to live with the same color, but in different shades. Thus, the Weekly Qualifier is a light blue, while the Weekly Final is a more navy blue.

The one to spot is probably the Special Tournament because it has a bright pink that pops out. A special color for a special tournament.

Top 10 Online Casinos

A parade of the most trustworthy casinos will march in front of your eyes if you scroll a bit. In this section of the website we gathered our 10 casino partners up until now. The wagering requirements, the maximum bonus bet and the welcome offer available in your region can be easily seen. You can click on each casino and read more about it or you can go ahead and press the “Sign Up” button.

We made big changes this season, but we are sure you will grow to love the new homepage just as much as the old one. A wise person once said that to improve is to change, but to perfect is to change often.

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