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Monthly Slot Tournament – Cosmic Cash Bonus Buy from Pragmatic Play!

A month has passed with the fishermen reeling in all those sensational big wins (or catches!)! Who would have thought a month could pass by so easily – now we know why they say fishing is a patient man’s sport! That’s the exact same feeling you get when playing the tournament of the month – and our players know exactly what we’re talking about! But because the fisherman’s time on the throne is almost over, it’s time to see what the next tournament of the month has in store! 

Cosmic Cash Slot – Tournament of the Month in August! 

The newest Monthly Tournament takes off into the skies on the 16th of August 00 UTC and you’ll have the chance to play (or orbit) up until the 15th of September 2022. This month we’re in our spaceships ready for the Cosmic Cash slot! This space-themed online slot is set on a 4×5 grid reel, amongst the stars and 40 paylines, with the cutest (or so we think!) little aliens, rockets, and Wild flying saucers to name a few! The game’s Max Win is set at 2650x, but with the Bonus Buy feature, you’ll need to purchase the spins at a minimum of 20x your total bet (this will increase depending on the jackpot size you’re gunning for!) and they’ll do the spinning for you! 

Slot Tournament of the Month – How it Works 

Each month a game is selected by players via our Discord channel for the next Tournament of the month that takes place over the period of a full month! That means you’re not too stuck for time when playing for the top spot of epic cash prizes! To join this slot tournament, purchase a Qualifying Golden ticket from our store, or you can stand the chance of winning one in our Golden Slot Tournaments! 

Cosmic Cash Slot Tournament of the Month – Prizes to Win 

The Prize Pool for this exciting tournament stands at a whopping €9000, to be shared amongst the top-ranking players, with additional prizes such as Lootboxes and even coins up for the taking! Players who land in the top 5 places on the leaderboard stand to win between €150 and €300 in cash prizes, with players in positions 6 to 550th taking home between €10 and €125! Item prizes to be won include Loot boxes for positions 1 to 1000 on the leaderboard, with players in position 1001 to 5000 taking home coins! 

So, get your gear ready and prepare for blast-off to the top of the leaderboard in the latest Tournament of the Month, where you stand to win spectacular Cash Prizes, Lootboxes, and Coins! With the next month hovering close by, we can’t wait to see the big wins, and epic prizes won from this exciting slot that takes you on a journey to the stars.  Whether you’re gunning for the top spot prize, or just playing for fun, the Monthly Tournament brings you a full four weeks of 24/7 entertainment as you take your place amongst the Milky Way.