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How to use Cryptocurrency at Social Tournaments

With Cryptocurrency usage on the rise through various online platforms, players have the choice to have their winnings paid to one of the cryptocurrency options we have available here at Social Tournaments – which means quicker payouts for you! Let’s look at how you can register your Crypto wallet with us, and some extra information on a few crypto casinos we’ve reviewed and given the Social Tournaments Certificate of Trust to – so we know you’re in good hands. 

Social Tournaments – Crypto Payment Options 

At Social Tournaments we like to give our players options when it comes to Tournaments, Slot reviews, and Payment methods too. Aside from the more traditional payment options available such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal, we’ve also added popular cryptocurrency options to choose from. You can now withdraw your tournament winnings to either BitCoin, Tether, LiteCoin, or USDT TRC-20 – which will be an immediate payment, and that means a quicker cash boost for you! 

To enjoy one of the Cryptocurrency options available for withdrawals here at Social Tournaments, all you need to do is follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your Social Tournaments account. 
  2. Click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  3. Select “Payment Methods” from the list of options in the pop up. 
  4. Select your Cryptocurrency from the option you see; BitCoin, USDT ECR-20, LiteCoin, and USDT TRC-20. 
  5. Select “Edit Details” on the Cryptocurrency you’re using and enter your wallet address to link the accounts. 
  6. Select “Save Details”. 

Please note that Cryptocurrency options might not be available in certain countries. 

Social Tournaments – Popular Crypto Options 

As mentioned before, there are four different Crypto payment options to choose from underneath the Payment Methods tab. Let’s discuss some of them, so you have a better idea on which one to choose when selecting your Cryptocurrency option. 

  • Bitcoin – The very first Cryptocurrency created in 2009. One of the most widely used coins worldwide, uses the currency code, BTC or XBT.  
  • LiteCoin – Another popular cryptocurrency, LiteCoin was one of the first coins to be styled after Bitcoin and uses the currency code LTC. 
  • Tether/USDT – USDT is known as a stablecoin, backed by the US Dollar, at an exchange rate of $1 = 1USDT. 
  • TRC20/USDT-TRON – This is a standard crypto coin and works based on TRON’s network or blockchain. 

Social Tournaments – Crypto Casino 

By now you should have an idea of how beneficial cryptocurrency can be – especially when it comes to faster withdrawal times and added payment options in regions where traditional payment options are not accessible. This means that regions where casinos might not have been able to operate in before, have access and if their local currencies are not accepted by casinos, they have the option of using Crypto Casinos for exciting gameplay experiences.  

MyStake Casino 

This crypto casino offers you the best entertainment while using either crypto or standard currency. Featuring exciting Pragmatic Play New slots and Live Casino table games streamed 24/7 to your device. You also have the option of betting on sporting events and eSports too. Sign up and follow MyStake casino on Telegram and Discord for Free Spins and Free Bets or enjoy the generous promotions they have online. 

Rolletto Casino 

Crypto, Sports, eSports, Live Casino, Mini Games, and slots for you to play at this online casino! Featuring a variety of betting options, you can sign up and get playing in no time! Featuring VIP Withdrawal perks and crypto promotions to get your adrenalin pumping with this exciting casino! 

CryptoLeo Casino 

The King is back, and he’s brought along with him cryptocurrencies to get you playing at CryptoLeo casino! Featuring instant cashbacks, thrilling slot tournaments, and prompt payouts – which is exactly what you need when playing at an online casino! This casino offers a variety of Casino and Live Casino games, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when hunting with the King himself at this online casino! 

Have a read through some of these Crypto casino reviews, sign up, and get playing using popular cryptocurrencies with, MyStake Crypto Casino, Rolletto Crypto Casino, and CryptoLeo Crypto Casino – for massive Cashback promotions on crypto transactions, generous promotions, and of course the all-important faster withdrawal periods for quicker funds in your pocket.