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Horrors of Halloween – Best Halloween Pragmatic Slots

It’s about to become a lot less inviting and a whole lot more frightening. The most haunted season of the year has made its return from the dead once again, so there are plenty of dark and devilish delights on the cards, so don’t be alarmed by the roars coming all the way up from the graves! The question is, how will you celebrate Halloween this year? You can dance with the devil, howl with the wolves, cackle with the witches or conjure some seriously scary spirits with the sorcerers!

At Social Tournaments, we’ve made way for one very murky mission: to bring you the most entertaining horror show yet, by handpicking our favourite Halloween-themed slots of all time. Here’s a word of warning though, you’ll want to choose your challenges wisely since winning big before the witching hour will be your only saving grace, as the lost souls start roaming and reaping havoc!

Keep your gaze glued to the Tournaments Page, since we’re brewing up a frightful formula for an exclusive spooky spectacular loaded with lots of ways to get lucky! You might also want to stock up on some ghost-busting goods from the store to prepare you for your chosen deadly quest!

Big Bass Halloween Slot

Pragmatic Play has done it again, this time with a spooky entry to the incredibly popular Big Bass franchise. Big Bass Halloween slot is bound to reel you in as if offers the thrilling features of the original fan favourite. With our favourite fisherman reprising his role as the Wild, he now brandishes a creepy hook to catch up all the cash-bearing fish in the Free Spins round, resulting in some wins that will make you jump from you seat. Speaking of jumping from your seat, the Scatter may make your skin crawl as is resembles an undead bass, with razor sharp teeth and guts galore. This 5×3 reel slot definitely scratches that terrible itch with winnings up to 2100 your bet!

Infective Wild Slot

Ever since we saw the Infective Wild slot, we’ve had a hard time not thinking about it every time somebody mentions Halloween – which is surprisingly often. How could we not – the main character is literally a ghastly being with glowing orange eyes! Symbols range from crows to tombstones in the 5×5 reel free slot. As its name suggests, this Pragmatic slot has an infectious element to it – Wild symbols that land next to certain wicked  symbols vertically or horizontally transform them into Wilds themselves! This causes a chilling cascade of winning combos paying out across the spooky grid. This feature is also in the Free Spins round and is made doubly dastardly when paired with the other feature of the Free Spins round. Wild Symbols in the first 4 reels remain for the whole Free Spins round! We don’t think we even need to say any more.

Muertos Multiplier Megaways Slot

Once a year the dead come back to the living world in celebration of the Día De los Muertos festival. Pragmatic Play has brought the fun straight to your fingertips in this latest game – Muertos Multiplier Megaways slot! Set at the entrance to the town’s graveyard, the colourful symbols wander the reels in hopes of hitting one or more of the 117 649 ways to win, powered by the Megaways engine this slot has! With a Tumble feature to get you more wins off a single spin, Wild Multiplier, and a round of Free Spins to get you winning – there’s nothing too dreadful in this Day of the Dead-themed slot!

Zombie Carnival Slot

Step right up and come on inside! There’s a “spook-tacular” carnival in town and Pragmatic Play has brought along the creepiest creatures in this online slot! Zombie Carnival slot takes place on a 4×6 grid reel, featuring 4096 ways to win in this scary slot! Winning can be done in the base game by matching eerie symbols into one of the many ways to win or get lucky and land 3 Scatter brain symbols on the reels to trigger the Free Spins round! The symbols that trigger the round get replaced by the bear symbol, that’ll eat any scatter symbols that land on the reels during this round with a multiplier being added for each brain. Talk about creepy cuisine!

Day of Dead Slot

Maybe it doesn’t have to be all doom, gloom, and gore. Why not go for something a little less blood-curdling? The Day of Dead slot is inspired by the Mexican celebration (also known as Día de Muertos) to remember loved ones who have gone to their death. Dance with death on the 5×4 grid and start collecting those creepy scatter symbol combinations and watch out for the wilds to start pocketing the payline wins! Who knows, you may just earn your share of the magical multiplier win of up to 5,000x the bet! Why not move and groove your way through the Day of Dead Demo, for a less frightful fiesta.

Cowboys Gold

If the legend of the headless horseman wasn’t enough, you might just be about to set your sights on something even more dreadful. The boss of all bandits is back, rocking an evil skull head and there’s no end to his terrorising in this town. The curse of all cowboys is interweaved in this freaky 3×5 video slot, with a whopping win potential worth 60,650x the bet. Giddy up for the gold and well… more gore than you bargained for!

The Magic Cauldron – Enchanted Brew Slot

The cauldron is bubbling, something scary is brewing, and well who knows what is boiling in the wizard’s lair? Enrol in this magical and mysterious institution, where you’ll be casting spells, crafting the brilliant brew, and perfecting numerous poisonous potions in this 7×7 cluster-playing slot. The question is, will it be a case of trick or treat when you get your hands on the Unicorn Dust or Potion of Darkness, expect a little bit of multiplying magic of up to 20x when you land one of these unpredictable concoctions. Play The Magic Cauldron – Enchanted Brew Demo to see where this enchanting escapade might lead you.

Curse of the Werewolf Megaways Slot

You’ll hear him howl before he starts roaming the village streets in search of prey. Watch out for the cursed creature, who strikes after dark. Will things take a fierce turn for the worst when man transitions into a wolf, or will the beast become the boosting force that will help you find your fortune under the full moon? This wild trial is set upon a 6×6 grid, super boosted by some seriously wild winning potential – make a run for it for a chance to secure maximum multiplier wins of up to 40,976x your bet. Try the Curse of the Werewolf Megaways Demo, for a chance to bring down the beast.

Voodoo Magic Slot

Watch out for the witch doctor, she’s dabbling with dark forces again and plotting with her magical powers, so you might just have to pin it to win it, if you’re to survive this supernatural encounter. Dabble with dark forces in this 5×4 video slot with 40 fierce paylines. Tap into some tarot readings to unlock three different types of Free Spins: Mega Voodoo Free Spins, Super Voodoo Free Spins, and

Voodoo Free Spins. Reel in the Random Spin features to make way for the riches with the Mystery Curses and Fortune Hex. If surprises and sacrifices are up your street, then it’s time to take to switch to the dark side and you can do just that, by starting with the Voodoo Magic Demo.

Vampires vs Wolves Slot

The terrible two are going head-to-head, so expecting nothing less than a blood bath in this 5×3, 10-line video slot. If there is something both forces have in common, then it’s safe to say that prowling around in search of human prey, will be the first thing that springs to mind. Be prepared to pick a side, although, it’s worth noting that when you trigger The Wolf Free Spins that your earnings will be multiplied. How’s that for a helpful hint? Ready for this bloody brawl? Collect all the courage that you can before playing the Vampires vs Wolves Slot Demo.

Mysterious Slot

Wander your way through an abandoned mansion that contains its very own murder mystery in these 4,096 ways to win an online video slot. The ghosts of both the Lady and Lord are still lurking in this spine-chilling slot. If you’re lucky enough to make it out alive after solving one of the most malicious murders of the past, then you might just be able to run and never return after landing wins of up to 9,648x your stake. History will have its eyes on you in the horror-filled hall of fame. Grab your looking glass and make way for the many ghouls and goods to recover in this mission, by playing the Mysterious Slot Demo now.

Wild Walker Slot

We were warned, the zombies are coming and there’s no escape in this 3×8 apocalyptic adventure. The scientists have gone mad forming the very virus that is set to eradicate humanity, so it seems that death and destruction are exactly what the doctor ordered. Loaded with 4 levels of zombie, you might just land wins worth 4,980x the bet before the world ends! The Dangerous Bonus Symbol might become your only saving grace since it unlocks the Free Spins Feature! Can you break into the lab before it’s too late? Play the Wild Walker Demo now to uncover the antidote!

Madame Destiny Megaways Slot

Prepare for a whole host of psychic revelations in this fortune-telling frenzy! Stay ready since the readings could reveal rewards or the reverse in these 200,704 ways to win an online video slot. Madame Destiny may have many tricks lining her sleeves, but it’s worth noting that her tarot readings may just lead you to some lucky wins worth 5,000x your bet! Maybe you’ll hit, or maybe you’ll miss, either way, we sense that your future is glistening with greatness! Start gazing into your crystal ball and see how luck will look for you in the Madame Destiny Megaways Slot Demo.

Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire Slot

The fire-breathing beast is on the loose, and his gaze might just set you alight. Is there even more luck lurking within the dragon’s lair? Legend has it, that there are generations of gold buried within the nooks and crannies of the mountains. Be careful the beast doesn’t blast you with fear and flames in the Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire Slot Demo. You’ve been warned!

Well, it’s now down to you to make a deadly decision, as to which spine-chilling slot will lead you towards an afterlife that oozes awards and some weird and wonderful wins. Choose wisely from our Top Halloween-themed slots, from the Social Tournaments Museum of madness, you’ll want to enter at your own risk!