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Get a place in our Hall of Fame and the world’s gonna know your name

Hall Of Fame-banner-image-for-article
Hall Of Fame-banner-image-for-article

Some people like to show their gratitude and appreciation for top professionals and artists by creating a long sidewalk, paved with brass stars in a very important neighborhood in Los Angeles. We also thought of showing our players how much we treasure them and how good they are, but we’d like to do that in a simple, virtual, yet amazing way. So, starting with Social Pass Season 2, we created the Hall of Fame, a place where your name and achievements will go down in SocialTournaments’ history.

The sanctuary of the best players

Hall of Fame is a new page on our website where we shout from the top of our lungs about how awesome our players are, and we display their top results, just like parents hang their children’s best drawings on the fridge. We took into consideration three factors when creating this page:

  • Social Pass Rank – here are our players listed after their Social Pass Rank. The more you play, the higher your rank will be, the more chances you’ll have to be amongst the 3 positions of our podium. Gold, silver and bronze – these are the medals we’re offering. If you’re having a really bad week/ month/ year and you’re sadly not on the podium (yet), your position will be highlighted in the list below the main platform.
  • Biggest Score – players are classified after the highest score they won. Play all our normal tournaments (even the Featured Tournament – here you can find out more about how to enter our special tournament), win big and take your well deserved place on our stage. You can win the golden cup, the silver or bronze medal. Just like in the Social Rank case, you can see your position in the middle and lower part of the screen – just scroll down a little.
  • Biggest Multiplier – hit the highest multiplier in one of our Multiplier Tournaments and we’ll be honored to welcome you on our podium. Here are also three places you can win, Gold, Silver and Bronze. If the stars weren’t on your side and you missed the first 3 places, you can see where you’re standing in the list below the podium.


Numbers are not everything though (we’re talking to non-accounts only)

Hall of Fame is basically about figures and becoming number 1 – who gets the biggest score, who has the highest rank and who landed that huge multiplier. But let’s not forget the most important reason we are all here for, on – to have fun and win money for free! So, don’t stress yourself too much over catching that golden cup, you’ll get there. Remember, life (and winning, in our case) is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.