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Free Slot Tournament of the Week at Social Tournaments

Weekly surprises are always on the menu for our players, and nobody can make surprises as we do! We like to think of this tournament slot as the cherry on top since participation is possible only with a special Qualifying Ticket.   

How to get such a ticket, you might ask. There are a few ways one can get a Qualifying Ticket in their inventory: 

  • Weekly Qualifier Tournaments – these run every day of the week and award Qualifying Tickets. There are 4x Weekly Qualifier Tournaments running daily, so feel free to join them all for more chances of getting a ticket 
  • Lootboxes – you can also get a Qualifying Ticket from a Weekly Lootbox. This special type of lootbox can be won in the Weekly Qualifier Tournaments or purchased from the store. 
  • Prize Wheel – go ahead and spin the Legendary Wheel as only this type can award Qualifying Tickets 
  • Social Tournaments Store – we don’t know if everything in this life can be purchased, but one thing’s for sure – Qualifying Tickets can be bought from our store

The Weekly Tournament is integrated into a system that requires participation in other tournaments ahead – the Weekly Qualifier Tournaments. These are held from Monday to Sunday and offer Qualifying Tickets as prizes. Once you win one Qualifying Ticket, you have secured a place in the Weekly Finals that are held every Sunday. If you have more Qualifying Tickets in your Collection, you can use them to play the Weekly Finals in order to reset your score. 

The Weekly Finals usually feature the Pragmatic Play slot that was released that week and boasts a €2,000 prize pool. Another interesting fact about this tournament is that it runs 24 hours on Sunday – that’s why you can replay it as many times as you like, as long as you have enough Qualifying Tickets.   

To sum up, the Weekly Tournament is like dessert – you start eating the other courses (playing the Weekly Qualifiers) just to get to it. With a juicy prize pool and a reset-the-score feature, this 24h tournament can brighten up your weekend and even the beginning of next week!