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Features of the Slot Tournaments available at Social Tournaments

Online slots are a great base to create new, thrilling experiences for players, and casinos around the world know that better than anyone. Slots are very flexible, offering players the chance to modify their playing options. Bets per line, total bets, and buy-in options – can all be adjusted or activated by the player at any given moment while playing a video slot. The paytable is also as clear as it can be: the game pays out for creating certain paylines or for clusters of symbols, depending on the pay engine of the slot. 

Our slot tournaments take the slot’s flexibility and opportunities, and turn them up a notch, with real money prizes, coins, or other surprises, adding layers of gamification to the entire experience. 

Although the ground for slots and our slot tournament might be similar, the mechanics might differ here and there. 

In the following sections, we’ll compare our free slot tournaments win real money to online slots to see what makes them different. Then, we’ll explain the main features of our tournaments and how to decipher them in one glance. 

Slot Tournaments at Social Tournaments vs Online Slots 

Playing a slot is a single-player action – it’s only you, with the reels and the symbols, trying to trigger the max win by landing symbols in specific combinations. Here are the main steps a player follows when playing an online slot at an online casino: 

  • Make a deposit 
  • Choose the game you want to play 
  • Set your bet according to your deposit 
  • Start spinning (depending on your deposit and your bet, you can play a varying number of spins) 
  • Collect the payout 

Pretty straightforward, right? Now, imagine this, but 100 times better, and you might be close to what our slot tournaments offer! 

On the similarities side, all our tournaments are based on popular slots from Pragmatic Play. What’s more, we didn’t alter the playing screen much; it looks the same as when playing at an online casino, with some extra features on the side (leaderboard, prizes, and your status). 

However, the slot tournaments available on Social Tournaments are integrated into our platform and are part of a ‘living’ body. For starters, in our free slot tournaments, you’ll be able to play against other players, hoping to rank as high as possible on the leaderboard to win one of the juicy money prizes! 

Total Win Mechanism in Slot Tournaments 

The Total Win mechanism is similar to the one used at online slots, with the final score being equal to the amount you won. A key thing to keep in mind is that this type of slot tournament offers a fixed bet size of €1. This means you won’t be able to change it, as you would do when playing a slot. The second crucial element is the number of spins. Unlike casino slot games, our slot tournaments provide a fixed number of spins. The most often awarded number of spins is 250, but we also host tournaments with 1,000 spins. 

All this information, and more, can be found in the tournament previews available on the homepage. Let’s see what each section means, shall we?

In the first section, players can see the online slot hosting the tournament, along with the type of slot tournament in play. Under information, you can see the mechanics (Total Win), the start and end time (tournament duration), the number of spins in play, and the fixed bet level. 

Right below these details, you’ll also find the joining criteria. Some tournaments require a special ticket (in our case, the Golden Ticket), or coins, while others are free to join. 

The Prize Pool is also available in this preview, showing players what goodies are up for grabs! As you can see, there can be up to 2,000 places on the leaderboard, with players winning both real money prizes and coins, which can be used for a bunch of things, as explained in our Social Tournaments Coinsarticle. 

Multiplier Win Mechanism in Slot Tournaments 

The Multiplier Win mechanic is quite similar to the Total Win, only here, the final score is the max multiplier you hit during the given spins, with the fixed €1 bet. 

As you can see above, the name of the slot, the type of tournament, the duration, the number of spins, and the bet level are the same as for the Total Win one. The prize pool is, however, smaller than in the first example. Our slot tournaments hold a wide variety of prize pools – some offer big prize pools, of thousands of euros, while other come with coins. 

Bonus Buy Mechanism in Slot Tournaments 

The Bonus Buy mechanism has more to do with the way the slot tournament can be played. Basically, this online slot can be played only by activating the Bonus Buy option. However, players won’t have to pay real money, as we give them 10 Free Bonus buy opportunities, with ten free games each. So, players will have the chance to play 100 free spins with a fixed bet level. 

This mechanism can be combined with the Total Win and the Multiplier Win options. This means that you can play a tournament where you buy the free spins and your score will be calculated based on the total win or multiplier rules – by taking into account all wins or just the biggest multiplier. 

To sum up, we upped the gameplay in our free slot tournaments by adding thrilling features and mechanisms to the pretty standard slot engine. We took a familiar element to all players (the slot) and added elements of engagements such as different win mechanics, money and non-money prizes, and joining requirements, making the experience even more entrancing. That’s why, when playing at Social Tournaments, you’re not just playing a slot tournament. You’re entering a fascinating universe where every tournament won, every avatar collected, every victory in a duel, every coin gets you closer to something bigger.