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FAQ about Social Tournaments – How To Join A Slot Tournament


Social Tournaments is an online platform where players can join slot tournaments for free and win some extra cash. The process of joining a tournament follows almost the same steps as entering a slot tournament at an online casino. 

Joining a Slot Tournament 

The first step to entering a slot tournament is to create an account. Registering is one of the easiest processes, as all you need is a valid email address. Now that you have an account, it’s time to hit those tournaments and win some juicy prizes! 

Depending on the type of tournament you want to play, you can enter for free or buy your entrance in some way. Most slot tournaments are free to join, requiring nothing but a valid account. However, some require coins or special tickets. 

  • Join Slot Tournaments with Tickets – as Social Tournaments is a complex platform, where the gamification factor grows by the season, joining a tournament might require a special Ticket. Golden Tickets can be earned in Golden Ticket Tournaments, allowing you to play the Monthly Tournament, whereas the Weekly Final can be played if you have a Qualifying Ticket in your inventory. Qualifying Tickets can be won in Weekly Qualifier Tournaments or bought from the Store. 
  • Joining Slot Tournaments with Coins – the Coins Buy-in Progressive Pool Tournament can be joined if you pay a certain number of coins, giving you the chance to win them back, plus a few more! 

You can read more about how to join our tournaments in our Tournament Guide, or, you can give our FAQ page a read, if you have other questions. 

All our tournaments provide a unique experience, providing plenty of chances to pocket some money prizes, and advance through the Social Pass levels, thus unlocking more prizes! Depending on the tournament you select, you can join for free or give something in exchange, usually a Ticker or coins. Regardless of what you pick, the most important is to have fun! And, with such a broad range of slots tournaments, fun is always in the cards!