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FAQ about Social Tournaments – How To Create an Account

Social Tournaments is a free-to-join platform where slot fans can engage in thrilling slot tournaments based on Pragmatic Play slots. Joining Social Tournaments is free, where players don’t have to make a deposit beforehand – they can simply log in and start spinning the reels in a slot tournament. 

So, the process of creating an account is quite simple: 

  • Step 1: Accessour Join Page 
  • Step 2: Create an account with a valid email address 
  • Step 3 (optional): Set your account details – add your payment method and get your account verified by our KYC department (this step will save you a lot of time once a win occurs – you can get your hands on it right away, without having to go through the KYC process) 

Once your account is up and ready, you can check it by accessing the Profile page. This is your private profile, where you can review your personal details, payment method, and KYC status, as well as the tournaments you played and the winnings, gathered so far. The Profile page also gives you the opportunity to change your avatar. Depending on the avatars available in your Collection, you can change it to the mischievous Joker or to the cute Teddy Bear – the choices are endless! 

There’s also a way to check your public profile, that can be viewed by all players. The Public Profileoffers details about your achievements, like the Social Pass level you’re at, your biggest multiplier, the last slot tournament played, and the number of coins earned. 

Basically, the most important steps in your Social Tournaments journey will be visible on the Public Profile, being strongly linked to your Social Pass progress, while the more personal details are for your eyes alone. 

Creating a Social Tournaments account requires minimum effort, the players’ duty being to check their email and validate the account. After this first step has been made, the gates to a thrilling slot tournaments world open wide, allowing players to join an ever-growing platform, where new features are implemented constantly.