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Faction Duels with Free Slot Tournaments – now available on Social Tournaments

We are happy to announce that a new Duel option is now available on Social Tournaments. After just a few weeks from the launch of the 1vs1 Duels, a new type of team duel can now be enjoyed by all players! 

The first type of duel, the 1vs1, is a single-player battle shaped as a slot tournament. You can fight only one opponent at a time, regardless of their faction, Social Pass rank, or favourite colour. 

In contrast, the Faction Duels offer a more complex slot experience that echoes both in the faction’s and the player’s points pool. In other words, the first type of Faction Duels is a 2vs2vs2 one. 

How does a Faction Duel 2vs2vs2 work? 

Two players are randomly chosen from the three available factions to fight against the other factions. This means you can’t hand-pick your side-kick, it will be assigned randomly by our algorithm. 

Similar to the 1vs1 Duels, the price to join a 2vs2vs2 Faction Duel is 1000 coins. 

If you want to join a Faction Duel, all you have to do is click on the Join button under the Duels’ page on the Faction Battles segment. Depending on how many players are in the queue, you’ll have to wait a few moments for the battle to start. Once all six players are ready, you’ll be taken to the Duel’s page, where a slot tournament with a randomly chosen game will begin. At the bottom of this page, you will find the leaderboard, with the points collected by each duellist. 

Faction Duel 2vs2vs2 Prizes 

The prizes for this type of duel consist of both coins and Faction points: 

  • Each player of the team who finished in first place wins 100 faction points 
  • Each player of the team who finished in second place wins 50 faction points 
  • Each player of the team who finished in third place wins 25 faction points 

What’s more, all players from the winning team will be awarded 2850 coins each. 

Team up with one of your faction fellows and prepare for a blasting experience that might add more coins in your pocket and more points in the faction’s pot!