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Buying Tickets from the Social Tournaments Store


The New year is upon us, and what better time is there than now to start plotting your route towards the prizes this 2022. It’s simply a matter of gathering the right ammunition to conquer any Slot Tournament. It couldn’t be easier to fuel up for the everyday video slot missions when you have the well-stocked Social Tournaments storeoverflowing with all the boosts that you could ever need when it comes to taking home treasure from the Tournaments. 

If you’ve managed to save enough coins, then it’s time to grab your perfect ticket and ace a new tournament. You’ll be spoilt for choice, with seven tickets available to claim. The two most essential tickets are the Golden Tickets and the Weekly Finals Tournament Ticket, both of which are attached to the most rewarding prize pools out of all free tournaments for money available to play at Social Tournaments.  

Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s on offer and how it can boost your gameplay on any month, week, or day in 2022: 

  • Golden Ticket– The Golden Ticket offers access to the Monthly Tournament, a prize pool of €8,000, and always features an epic video slot. The Golden Ticket can be purchased from the Tickets section of the store for 1250 coins. 
  • 2022 Week XX Ticket– The Weekly Finals Tournament takes place on a Sunday and often boasts a prize pool of €2,000 and a popular pick from the Social Tournaments slot hub. The Weekly Finals Tournament Ticket can be purchased from the store for 3000 coins. Also, if you’re wondering what ‘XX’ means, they stand for the week the ticket is available in, and they follow the calendar. Let’s take an example: if you have a 2022 Week 14 Ticket, you can use it only during week 14 of the year. So, if you decide to use it next week, you won’t be able to do it. But don’t get all sad and whiny – there are many ways of getting a 2022 Week 15 Ticket! 
  • Monday Ticket – For a 24-hour thrill at the beginning of the week, the Monday Ticket can provide general entrance or be purchased for a retry when playing the Monday 24 hour Tournament. The Monday ticket is available for purchase for 2200 coins. 
  • Tuesday Ticket – If Tuesday is your chosen day to tackle a new tournament headfirst, then the Tuesday ticket is the perfect pick for you. In a similar sense to the Monday ticket, you’ll be offered entrance to the 24-hour tournament or the chance to give it a retry. The Tuesday ticket can be purchased for 2200 coins. 
  • Wednesday Ticket – We heard that Wednesdays are the winning wonder of the week. To try your luck with big wins guaranteed in the middle of the week, the Wednesday Ticket will be the best choice, where you can have a go or have a retry at the Wednesday 24 hour tournament. The Wednesday ticket can be purchased for 2200 coins. 
  • Thursday Ticket – Thrilling Thursdays offer double the excitement if you’re a fan of the 24-hour tournaments. The Thursday 24-hour tournament will thrill, chill and most definitely fulfill. The Thursday ticket is available for purchase and will cost 2200 coins. 
  • Friday Ticket – Fancy a 24-hour tournament on the most beautiful day of the week. It’s the perfect time to take risks and win big. The Friday ticket can be purchased from the store for 2200 coins.  

Are you spoilt for choice? We’d say your best bet is to invest in the Monthly and Weekly Finals, plus a 24-hour ticket on the day of your choice. The best boosts will bag the most significant wins. Good luck!