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Boom City – The Latest Live Casino Release from Pragmatic Play

The unrivalled and entertaining fun of Live Casino comes to life again in the latest offering from Pragmatic Play, Boom City. With 3 Bonus Rounds and an additional PowerUp feature, this interactive Live Casino game will have you at the edge of your seat and hopefully coining the booming wins! 

The game is set in a studio with a metropolis filled with skyscrapers and big city lights as the backdrop of the 6×6 gaming grid that you’ll end up playing. A set of larger-than-life die are in the forefront of the game board and light up when in play – with the live studio changing in colour throughout the different bonus rounds. As with all Live Casino options, the game will be presented live with an in-studio host, bringing the game show feeling straight to wherever you are as the game is available on both Desktop and Mobile devices. 

How to Play 

The game is set on a 6×6 grid with 36 fields each depicting a different outcome, all you need to do is bet on the numbers or bonus squares you see and then wait for the die to roll! The blue dice decides on the horizontal outcome and the gold dice will decide the vertical result. During the game you’ll be able to multiply your bets up to a crazy 20 000x their total bet! 

  • Multiplier Squares – Instant Payout 
  • Bronze – Pays 1x your total bet 
  • Silver – Pays 2x your total bet 
  • Gold – Pays 5x your total bet 
  • Bust – Loss 
  • PowerUp – Randomly multiplies fields on the board 

Besides the multipliers that can really shake your winnings, the new live casino game also boasts three Bonus Fames that are triggered when you land on them – Boom or Bust, Dice Battle, and Lucky Drop! 

Boom City Bonuses 

BOOM OR BUST – Players can move through levels while deciding to either receive the offered payout or to keep playing. The higher the level the larger the potential payouts are – as well as the risk to go bust, so make your choices wisely! The Bonus Round also has a “Safe Value” feature that protects your winnings if you do go bust, so you don’t have to worry about leaving empty handed! The Boom or Bust Bonus Round includes additional Bonus Fields such as Level Up that moves the player up to 3 levels with the chance of landing in a multiplier or Safe Value. Safe Value increases the multiplier and Hyper Jump instantly moves the player to level 6 and lands on a multiplier! 

DICE BATTLE – In this bonus round you’ll need to select a side for the upcoming dice battle, either gold or blue. Each side has three rolls after which the total of all three will be totalled and used to multiply the player’s initial total bet. At the end of the bonus round, the player with the highest amount will receive a bonus prize! 

 LUCKY DROP – In this bonus round, you’ll start off by selecting one of 6 faces of dice on the screen, numbered 1 to 6 – and these options will each generate their own multipliers up to 500x, once betting closes, with you starting the round off with 5x in the section above the dice you selected. Whichever number the dice land on, multipliers from the top of the screen will drop into the section above the dice you chose, increasing as you progress through the round. As the dice lands and it increasingly does so on the number you selected, your multiplier increases, and you walk away with the multiplier times your total bet on the screen, at the end of the round. 

 POWER UP SPECIAL FEATURE – This will randomly multiply fields on the board and trigger an extra dice roll. All “Bust” fields will be replaced with a bronze square and include payouts of 20x up to 50x. At any given time there will always be 3 PowerUp fields on the board of each game round and you can look forward to possibly experiencing up to 5 PowerUps in a row to increase your final multiplier! After the 5th PowerUp triggering, these special fields will change to gold fields with a 50x payout! Remember, all bonus rounds can be improved with a PowerUp for greater wins! 

 Live Casino games are all the rage these days, with players feeling like they’re a contestant on a game show in a similar game Pragmatic Games offers, Sweet Bonanza Candyland! So, by now you should be thrilled and be waiting in suspenseful anticipation for the Live Casino Game of the year! Head into the big city and try your luck at rolling the die – who knows you might just bag the 500x Max Win! Play Boom City today for exciting bonus rounds and opportunities to feel like you’ve got the keys to this money-filled metropolis!