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And the Winner Faction in Season 10 is….John Hunter!

With Season 11, a new faction distribution took place, dividing players into the three factions: Madame Destiny, John Hunter, and Zeus. However, today we turn back time and look at the Factions results in Season 10! 

 As most of you remember, factions are teams of randomly distributed players. Once you’re placed in a faction, you will be helping the team rank up on the leaderboard by playing Faction Duels. Each point won goes to the faction’s pot so that every player is basically spinning for the greatest good. 

As season 10 ended, the Factions battle also had to end. And, after a tremendous fight where players gave their best, the Winner Faction turns out to be John Hunter! The lucky players part of the faction got to win 50,000 coins each, while the faction in second place, Madame Destiny, went home with 25,000 coins for each player. Lastly, the third place, with its 10,000 coins, went to the Zeus faction. 

We want to congratulate all players, regardless of the faction they were part of, and wish them good luck in the new battle!