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All You Need To Know About Volatility: High Vs Low In Pragmatic Play Games

The volatility of any video slot game is listed to allow players to calculate the risk when playing any slot machine. There are a wide range of both high-volatility and low-volatility slots available to play at Social Tournaments, in our free tournaments for money, all of which are categorised by the predicted risk-level. 

Low Volatility Slots 

The low-volatility slots offer much smaller payouts on a more frequent basis. Rather than receiving one big reward, players are given the opportunity to win a larger number of small rewards. The lower-volatility variants are often suited to player’s who engage on an occasional basis. It’s safe to say small, but regular can go a long way for some and can throw in enough thrill-factor to maintain adequate interest. 

If you’re thinking to try out some low volatility slots for free before jumping on the real experience, there are a few amazing options here, such as the The Catfather Slot Demo or the Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire Slot Demo. 

High Volatility Slots 

The high-volatility slots differ greatly from the low-volatility variants in the sense that the prizes are much bigger, and the chances of gaining are rare. The good news is, that if you’re lucky enough to score a big win in the form of a jackpot or something even bigger and better. The chances of coining smaller wins are almost non-existent and to gain a single win may take much more time and effort and requires more money to be invested.  

Before you determine which kind of slots are best suited to you, it’s best to check the volatility of the game. This information is usually located within the mechanical specification regarding the chosen game. It’s also worth observing the games paytable and the likelihood of payouts. 

There are a lot of Pragmatic Play games with a high volatility, it’s actually quite hard to pick some. Fruit Party Slot Demo is already some kind of a legend in the industry, and so are The Dog House Slot Demo or the Demo Sweet Bonanza. 

Making the decision between high and low volatility 

Choosing between the high and low volatility style slots can depends on several personal factors: 

  • Are you an occasional or frequent player? This determines how much you are willing to part with when placing your bet. 
  • Are you looking for staggering jackpot rewards or are you satisfied with minimal rewards? 
  • Can you afford to take the risk and are you aware that experiencing a loss is always possible? 
  • If opting for high-volatility, do you have the budget, patience, and willingness to persevere within a game where the chances of winning are much less frequent? 
  • If opting for low-volatility, do you understand that the rewards will be considerably smaller in size with much lower payout? 

Ultimately, whichever you choose from the two types of volatility is down to the level of risk that you can and are willing to take, which differs based on the personal circumstances of every individual player. 

Before making a choice, it’s worth familiarising yourself with slots that can fit into either category. Understanding the risks of the game, means that you are fully aware of the fact that there is as much to lose as there is to win. Taking the facts from the game and applying them to your own realistic limits it key to making the winning decision.