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All you need to know about the Social Tournaments Social Pass


The Social Pass is essentially your virtual loyalty pass. It contains a series of daily, weekly, and monthly challenges as well as one time missions which need to be completed regularly, to unlock more and more rewards. The Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges award points and coins, whereas the one-time missions will awards coins upon completion. 

What can I get from my Social Pass? 

Not only can the Social Pass keep you challenged through your many slots tournaments free. It has the power to reward you based upon the number of points accumulated on the loyalty meter. There are lootboxes and coin prizes up for grabs, which are released for every new milestone. You can unlock your first Lootbox upon gaining 100 points, with the highest reward being unlocked when you’ve gained a total of 72,000 points.  

What are the One Time Missions? 

The One Time Missions are as the name suggests a single task that needs to be completed to unlock coin prizes. There are several missions to complete, such as: Reading the Store Guide and Buying your first item from the ST store can reward 250 coins each. When you first open your Social Pass, only 4 Missions will be displayed, but as you complete them, more will show themselves. Also, spinning your first wheel and opening your first lootbox can reward a wonderous 500 coins each. 

What can I expect from the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges? 

Get your game on with one of three challenges, all of which vary in difficulty and style. These challenges can reward points/coins based on specific tasks, for example: Playing 5 slot games could earn you 70 points, whereas joining 3 tournaments will award a juicy prize of 250 points. These challenges are meant to enrich your Social Tournaments experience and add some spice to your classic slot tournament.  

You can stay up to date with the new challenges by checking your Social Pass page. The current challenges, along with their prizes and availability, can also be found on the right side of the tournament you’re playing- just like in the image below. 


The Social Pass offers players the perfect opportunity to up their game on a constant basis, whilst reaping some amazing rewards. It’s the ideal way to refresh your Social Tournaments experience, whilst keeping you feel challenged and engaged throughout your slot adventures and tournaments. You can measure your progress easily by referring to the meter and leaderboard. If you fancy seeing yourself in the Social Tournaments Hall of Fame, then now is the time to start climbing to achieve those goals today.